Cooking Rice

Some years ago a friend taught me to steam rice using the finger joint method and it has worked for me faultlessly ever since.  

Choosing the right Flour

Choices are of course great but increasingly we are confronted with so many product choices that a simple trip to the supermarket can be highly confusing.

Buying Meat Direct

Andrew van Bunnik Buying beef direct from the farm is more common than many people think. With the high quality and good value beef available plus interest in buying local, even more people are considering buying direct from the farm. 

Brinjal (eggplant) chutney

When I had  four littlies and was working from home, I spent at least 3-4 months a year making chutneys, pickles and relishes. This became something of an institution in our house, because I realised I could transform anything, from … Read more »

Gran's Sweet Pantry

Gran’s Sweet Pantry

To Natalie Oldfield, her Gran’s (Dulcie May) sweet pantry ‘was nothing less than spectacular and like nothing else I have seen since’.

Everlasting Feast

Everlasting Feast

So much more than a cookbook, Lauraine Jacobs Everlasting Feast is her story but also our story of food through the years in NZ. Remember back to spiders as children, homemade trifle and really good bacon and egg pie? Lauraine’s … Read more »

Cook, Eat, Enjoy - Nici Wickes

Cook, Eat, Enjoy – Nici Wickes

  Nici Wickes has a life that most of us who love food and travel can only dream of, travelling the world exploring cultures and cuisines for her popular television series World Kitchen. With all this travel, cooking and eating, … Read more »

Parmesan custard and anchovy toasts

Parmesan custard and anchovy toasts

Parmesan custard? Anchovy toast? I know this sounds strange. But trust me this is a stunning starter for a fancy dinner. And better yet, it’s pretty simple. You can prepare the custard mixture  and the toast filling earlier, pop the … Read more »

This Kitchen is Smoking!

This Kitchen is Smoking!

This kitchen is smoking!   Working towards this new book is consuming my life! I either forget to take photos of whatever I’ve concocted, or I have no time to deal to this blog as I’m too busy writing up … Read more »

The thing about salads. ..farro and quinoa

The thing about salads. ..farro and quinoa

It’s been such an amazing, never ending summer this year that salads are even more of a feature in our family  meals than usual; so versatile, and only limited by your imagination – a far cry from when a salad … Read more »

A Beginners Guide to Making Quince Paste

Our young quince tree pretty much doubles the amount of fruit it produces each year. This year there are plenty for quince paste, jelly and poached fruit, next year I may be setting up a factory!

How to Make Perfect Pulled Pork

I will remember the food of 2012 by two things, pulled pork in sliders and salted caramel (in many forms). While I made salted caramel in vast quantities it took until the early days of 2013 to make pulled pork.  Pulled pork … Read more »

Do You Write in Your Cookbooks?

Do you write in your cookbooks? As children we are told to treasure and look after our books and any that are personalised in any other way than a name are considered disfigured.