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The Great Recipe Challenge – Fruition

Irene Field I know you have all been waiting to see what recipe would come to fruition this week. Which tome awaited my cooking skills (or lack thereof?). Vying for attention was Sophie Gray’s ‘Destitute Gourmet – Stunning Food from … Read more »

The Great Recipe Challenge - Trepidation

The Great Recipe Challenge – Trepidation

Irene Field This recipe challenge has bought home to me what a small world we live in. Think Six Degrees of Separation to Twilight Zone music. My recipe bookcase  is in no particular order. Actually my other bookcase is exactly … Read more »

The Great Recipe Challenge... Elation

The Great Recipe Challenge… Elation

Irene Field After last week’s disappointment, I decided it was time to pick myself up, brush myself down and continue on. I would not let one soggy bottom (on my fish pie) put a dampener on my challenge. This would … Read more »

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The Great Recipe Challenge Disappointment

  Irene Field In the interests of variety and charting new unfounded territories, back to the bookcase I ventured. The next book appeared very sad and sorry, practically spineless so to speak, complete with loose leafs falling out, purchased when … Read more »


Savouring Sydney

Virgil Evetts Don’t get me wrong, I love living in New Zealand. I love the lifestyle, the climate (well, maybe not always) and I love the quality of our local produce. But a few days in Sydney last week reminded … Read more »

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The Great Recipe Challenge Continuation

    Irene Field   My recipe challenge has continued. However there was a slight hiccup due to a recent affliction. In Latin this is referred to as “Nunc tincidunt erat ac die de me” – for those of you … Read more »

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A Slice of Heaven in Parnell

Sophie Killpack The promise of ‘you’ll love this: it’s foodie heaven’ was enough to draw me eagerly to La Cigale. With high expectations and a rumbling tummy I arrived one soaking Sunday morning, hoping that this French city market would … Read more »


Cookin’ without gas now…

Virgil Evetts Like a lot children, back in the day I was an imp around fire. I just loved burning stuff, and along with a like-minded friend, even volunteered for bin duty at primary school as a means of gaining … Read more »

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The Great Recipe Challenge – Part Two

Irene Field With one recipe under my belt, it was time to delve into the unknown, and attempt number two. Last weeks ‘Salsicce e Fagioli’ from the book Tuscan Cookery by Elisabetta Piazzesi was such a success and so simple, … Read more »


Nothing for me. Thanks!

  Virgil Evetts We’ve talked about it for years and have at last come to a family consensus:  no gifts for grownups anymore. Nothing for me, nothing for her, nowt for Mum or Dad, nor in-laws, or friends.  The wee … Read more »

gingerbread house

Making a Gingerbread House

  Originating several centuries ago in Germany and made famous by the Brothers Grimm – Gingerbread houses continue to have an irresistible charm to all. While they make look complex they really are not as difficult as they look especially if, like … Read more »