Helen Jackson While I have been procrastinating writing about lemons, my trees have fruited and finished –  we seemed to have baskets of lemons for weeks and now have none and I am back to buying them.  I am hoping that … Read more »

Don’t give me jam!

Virgil Evetts. It’s a known fact- by which I mean Jerry Seinfeld once said it- that if a person says the name of whatever gift you’ve presented them with, it means they don’t like it. For example “a shaving brushe!!” … Read more »

Do You Practice Safe Cooking?

Irene Field   This topic of conversation came up recently with friends. They were staying overnight at our humble abode, and needless to say dinner was required.  I happened to mention the meal that I enjoyed when they last cooked, … Read more »

Easy Profiteroles

Although I have spent most of the last 20 years cooking, there are some things that have always been in my too hard basket and I have gently side stepped around making them. Sponge cakes are one and profiteroles another … Read more »

In Search of Really Good Pizza

Helen Jackson My 8 year old has just done her school speech on pizza – therefore I now know that they come from Naples and that the first recorded pizza was Napoletana, followed 30 years later by the Margherita –  originally made for … Read more »

Homemade Corn Chips

Fiona Summerfield Making corn chips is very easy. Lucy decided it was one of the things she wanted to sell at the Kidsfest Market back in July. I was nervous about a six year old and hot oil but we … Read more »

In search of the Perfect Brownie Recipe

Helen Jackson For some time now I have been in search of the “perfect” brownie recipe  (seeking perfect recipes is a bit of a personality flaw) which all seems fine and easy except that what I think is perfect seems … Read more »

Delicious Places to Eat in Melbourne

Fiona Summerfield There are so many great places in Melbourne to eat, it is difficult to choose but these were the three food experiences I remember most fondly from our trip in July. The best meal would have to be … Read more »

When Nothing Goes To Plan!

Helen Jackson With Father’s Day yesterday, Daisy (9) decided she wanted to make homemade chicken tortellini followed by lemon meringue pie for Ed (I feel she has been watching too much Masterchef antics). As she has been asking to make … Read more »

The Good Egg

Helen Jackson Although yesterday involved a 4.30am start to get myself to Wellington in time for Good Morning I was still home in time to attend the inaugural Good Egg Awards as initiated by the RNZ SPCA and Compassion in … Read more »

Making Your Own Curry

Ray Street  For several reasons, a lot of people avoid making curry at home. The most common reasons I’ve heard are “The spices are too expensive”, “It’s too complicated”, “Curries are too hot” and “I don’t know if the recipes … Read more »

Self Control

Samantha Is it just me or is it much harder to exercise self-control when it comes to food during the winter months? I love food, and when the weather gets chilly and nights are spent in front of the roaring … Read more »