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The blog about nothing…

Irene Field This week’s blog is about nothing. Does that appear to be a precursor to the fact I really have nothing to write about.  I confess. It is. We are gearing up for a long holiday.  Long, as in … Read more »


Breastfeeding and food allergies

Samantha I was speaking to my cousin recently after she had read my first blog on food intolerances and she brought to my attention a thought I had never actually considered – the link between breastfeeding and food allergies. She … Read more »

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The Wonders of Pizza

Irene Field Pizza. Those five letters are the embodiment of one of the wonders of the food world. I am not talking fast food chain pizza here. In my mind, that is the embodiment of the wonders of the garbage … Read more »

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Favourite Food Combinations

Samantha There are some food combinations that have been put on earth to rival some of the greatest pleasures in life. One that most people seem to agree on is strawberries and chocolate. Or raspberries and chocolate. Cake and berries … Read more »


Proper Chocolate Hail

Proper Chocolate Hail and Eierkoeken – Edible Planet We have been meaning to try the Dutch Hagel Slag for ages and we were talking to our Dutch neighbour about it. He just raved. He grew up with this Dutch version … Read more »


Gastroesophageal Reflux

Samantha Sometimes I like to pretend I know everything. I’ve been gluten intolerant for seven years, lactose sensitive for five years, and have avoided alcohol and caffeine for the last six years due to the symptoms I’m presented with when … Read more »


Just Wild about Saffron

Many years ago, Donovan sang that he was wild about saffron. That was a long time ago and I didn’t even know then what saffron was. But time has moved on and I’ve learnt a few things about this expensive … Read more »


Food Intolerances – Why?

Samantha The other day I overheard two women discussing the increasing number of people with special dietary requirements. One woman was certain it was all down to fad dieting while the other pushed her view that many modern-day people need … Read more »

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What Do you Bake for ‘Old’ People?

  Irene Field Don’t panic, it is not me asking that question. This was a legitimate question posted on Twitter. When I spied that post, my jaw dropped and my fingers were ready to pounce. Fortunately I engaged what brain … Read more »

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Irene Field The one word that can strike fear into a child’s heart. Well not only a child’s heart, but my heart as well. I believe there are some of shorter stature than me that like vegetables. I bow to … Read more »

Why Do We Eat?

Why Do We Eat?

Fiona Summerfield On Monday our children had their yearly dental check up, all was well and as we left the lovely dental nurse gave us the latest info sheet put out by the district health board on eating for healthy … Read more »


Texture Matters Too…

Virgil Evetts We worry so much about the flavours of our food, about the seasoning, the level of spice, the umami. La-de-dah, but it’s very rare to hear anyone fret about texture. Well, maybe the ladies of the CWI, with … Read more »


We All Like Vindaloo

Ray Street The vindaloo is one of the more popular Indian curry dishes eaten in the UK. A vindaloo is usually spicy hot and not the first curry that somebody would (or could) eat. The vindaloo is a popular dish … Read more »