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I Can’t live without my….coffee or chocolate?

Posted By Helen Jackson On July 13, 2011 @ 7:47 pm In Blogs | 6 Comments

Irene Field

Which would you rather? Coffee or Chocolate? The reason I ask, is that we are inundated with messages that life isn’t worth living without chocolate. But is this really true? Or is this some astute marketing campaign by a secret hidden ‘Chocolate Marketing Board’. I love a good conspiracy theory don’t you?

What bought this to mind is the routine of my day. I have to start to my day with a coffee. I mean, I ‘HAVE’ to start my day with coffee. Insert quotation marks, exclamation marks or what you will. If my day does not start with a coffee – watch out!

I am not denigrating chocolate by any means. I can go days or even weeks without chocolate. But ask me to go days or weeks without my morning and subsequent daily coffees, and we are in a whole new ball game.

The Instant granules that some shake their head at, is actually my preference. When you open a new pack or jar, and spy those granules and the aroma hits your nose, now that is heaven. Powdered instant – we won’t go there. It has to be the granules.

A coffee machine? Not in this house. I hardly have room for a kitchen, let alone a coffee machine taking up bench space.

In a strange quirk of taste buds however, I do not like coffee in my baking. It can sit in a cup in liquid form, alongside baking treats, but coffee cream or a coffee cake are a no go.

Whilst I enjoy a nice chocolate, as I said it is something I can do without. Is there some food or drink that you can’t go without in your daily life?

Oh and as for my evening drink. We won’t go there – yet!


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