Goddess Cake – Tavia Khane

goddess cakeI made this cake for a friends baby shower, it is a “Goddess Cake”, a belly and boobs cake.
The recipe was based upon the Edmonds Cookbook Banana Cake recipe, but
I added white chocolate buttons. This was for the belly – the bulge was created
by putting lots of jelly babies inside the middle layer.. representing fertility, and
maybe more to come.

The boobs were solid white chocolate and tiny marshmellows, to represent those
hard sore full boobs us Mums know so well. And was mean’t to be for the kids
to enjoy.
I used the cream cheese frosting recipe from the Miss Melicious Cupcake cookbook,
for between the cake layers, and all over the cake before icing with fondue icing that
I rolled out and laid over the cake. The boobs aren’t wrinkly, they are dressed!
The heart shaped design was based upon her Facebook profile picture, which was
her and her partners hands overlaid in the shape of a heart embracing her belly.
Then I made sugar syrup to hold the heart shaped decorations onto the icing, and
for painting, much like water colour, the cake with ready made icing to give a really
shiny and watercoloured look. I have never tried this technique before.


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