Vivacious Cake – Renuka Swaroop

vivacious cake

Renuka says “I made this Vivacious Cake to celebrate my mum’s life.She was full of vivacity and her love for life was never ending!.She died a few months ago and I miss her a lot. So I thought that this was one of the ways for me to remember her and keep her memories alive and also her love for me…and how much she loved colours and nature and its beauty.She had a lovely kind heart and she was fond of plain vanilla cake. She loved colourful flowers…hence I decorated my cake with little almond marzipan mini hearts and colourful little flowers.This is a relatively easy cake using minimum ingredients….but the only thing that you compulsorily need is the patience to decorate this cake…which i had as i was bent upon making this cake as a tribute to my dearest mum.

I have sent in photos of the ingredients and also the cake.Please find the attachments.

Below is the recipe for my ”Vivacious Cake”.


Plain flour-4 cups
White Sugar-3 cups
Food colours-as per choice
Table spread,melted-1 whole container(500 gm)
Sour Cream-1 whole tub(500gm)
Baking powder-2tsp
baking soda-1.5 tsp
Vanilla essence-4 tsp

Any jam of your choice,melted and on the runny side-to stack the cakes one top of one another and also to stick the marzipan covering and decorations onto the cake.
Just a little hot water
Almond Eggless Marzipan to cover the cake and also for little decorations
You will need 1mini Cookie cutter( i used heart shaped one)

Take 2 microwave safe round cake pans,grease them both.Keep aside.
In a deep bowl,mix sugar and melted table spread till very creamy.
Beat the sour cream till lite and mix into the sugar mixture till well incorporated.Add essence,mix well.
Sift in the flour,baking soda and baking powders into the creamy sugar mixture.At this stage use the water if needed.
Now,divide this cake batter into 2 equal parts and pour into 2 prepared microwave baking pans.
Microwave each cake one after the other on high for 6 minutes for each cake,or till done.
Let the cakes cool for 10 minutes.


Roll some of the almond marzipan into a round sheet,big enough to cover both the cakes.Cover it with a damp cloth so it will not dry out.
Make small portions from the left over marzipan and add colours to it.Mix it and keep aside.,,,covered in a damp cloth.
Remove the cakes and just skim off the top from both the cakes.Apply jam all over the top of both the cakes.Place one cake on top of the other,Press well to stick.
Now lift the rolled marzipan sheet and cover the whole cake well on all sides.Press well so it stick hard.
Make any shapes for decorations and then with the help of a little jam,stick these decorations and shapes of your choice onto the cake.Make sure you stick it well and press hard so that it will not fall off.Make designs of your choice.
Your cake is now fully done and decorated.The cake making itself takes very little time,but it took me a long time to make and stick the decorations.
I made a very simple cake…but its very delicious.My kids love to finish off the flowers and hearts!.

1.My Microwave power is 1100 watts.The cooking time depends on your microwave power.If it is lesser then 1100 watts,then keep it for 2 more minutes.”


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