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Pick Your Own Fruit and Berries around New Zealand

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These places are wonderful as a summer family outing, educational for kids to learn exactly where their food comes from and sometimes you can even take a picnic to enjoy under the trees.

Our list is by no means complete and it would be great to hear from you of any PYO places you know about.
Please do remember to check opening hours and availability before leaving home!
Addresses highlighted in blue are linked to Google Maps for exact directions.


Cheeki Cherries PYO cherries
247 Ripponvale Rd
cheekicherries.co.nz [1]

Coal Creek Gardens – Pick your own apricots, cherries, picnic area Coal Creek RD1 Roxburgh,
ph 03 4468323
email: [email protected] [2]
Open daily 8am to 8pm during fruit season.
5 minutes North of Roxburgh on SH8.

Hobbs Family Partnership Orchard and Fruit Stall – PYO apricots, peaches and nectarines
www.hobbsorchard.co.nz [3]

Kawarau Gardens – [3] PYO cherries
State Highway 6, Ripponvale (near Kawarau Gorge)
ph 03 445 0733

Mrs Jones Fruit Orchard – cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, apples, pears
Cromwell to Queenstown highway
Some PYO.
www.mrsjonesorchard.co.nz [4]

Monte Christo Raspberry Cafe Clyde [5] – Pick your own raspberries
98 Springvale Rd Clyde

Darlings Orchard and Pure Fruit Juices Roadside stall –  A wide range of fresh fruit,juices and vegetables including pick your own cherries and pre-picked apricots, plums, nectarines, peaches, apples and pears
5090 State Highway 8 Ettrick,
ph: 03 446 6763.
email: [email protected] [6]


Blueberry Bliss – PYO blueberries
475 Robinsons Road, Broadfield, Christchurch.
Check website fpr availability and opening days.
www.blueberrybliss.co.nz [7]

Broadfield Berryfruit – PYO blueberries
475 Robinsons Road, Broadfield, Christchurch,
ph 03 325 2232

Gracebrook Cherries – 156 Ashworths Road, RD1, Amberley.
Also next to the Brew Moon down a long driveway.

Pataka Berries, PYO rasperries and tomatoes.
768 Marshlands Road, Christchurch.

Smithfield berries – PYO blackberries, boysenberries, black and red raspberries
90 Smithfield Road 2RD, Ashburton.
ph 03-3083498.
email: [email protected] [2]
Open daily from 8am to 6pm

Southberry [8] – Pick your own Raspberries, Boysenberries, Blackberries, Tayberries, Ranui Berreis, Gooseberries, Black & Red Currants
56 Tinwald Westerfield Mayfeild Road, RD 1, Ashburton
ph 03 308 1338
email: [email protected] [9]

West Melton Cherry Farm –  PYO cherries.
131 Melton Grange Rd RD1, West Melton
ph: 03 374 2235
email: [email protected] [10]

Willowbank Raspberries – Husseys Road. Usually start PYO on 27 Dec and go for around a month


Berrylands – PYO raspberries  108 Appleby Highway Appleby 7001
ph 03 544 2099

Fuchsiadale Blueberries – PYO blueberries,
140 Paton Rd, Hope, Nelson (5 minutes from Richmond)
http://blueberriesinhope.blogspot.co.nz [11]
https://www.facebook.com/patonroadblueberries [12]
ph 03 5446507

Stoneyfield Cherries – PYO cherries
122 Jacksons Rd

Tasman Bay Berries PYO boysenberries, raspberries
37 McShane Rd

Waimea West Strawberries [13]
644 Waimea West Rd

Windsong Orchard –  PYO organic blueberries
29 Inkerman St
Facebook – Windsong Orchard [14]




 Berry Healthy [15] – PYO blueberries
 247b Paekakariki rd,

The Blueberry Farm – PYO organic blueberries
1229 Akatarawa Road, Upper Hutt,
ph 04 526 6788

Wee Red Barn [17]PYO strawberries at times.
505 State Highway 2 (5 mins north of Masterton) RD11 Opaki Masterton

Penray Gardens –  PYO  strawberries, plums, apples, tomatoes, sweet peppers, hot chillies and limes,
Main South Rd Otaki ph 06-364 5302
Get to date availability and opening hours on their facebook page – Penray Gardens [18]

Ration Creek Orchard – pick your own apples eg red delicious, gala, royal gala, granny smith and braeburn
119 Paekakariki Hill Road, Pauatahanui, RD1 Porirua, Wellington


Paradise Valley Berry Farm [19]PYO strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries
Corbett Rd
Bell Block
New Plymouth


Delta Gardens  [20]PYO raspberries, potatoes, peas, broad beans, carrots
151 Walker Rd
Palmerston North

Wharekai Boysenberries PYO boysenberries
1517 Kauangaroa Rd
06 3427793


Ruby Glen Orchard [21] – PYO Raspberries (summer and autumn), Blackberries (summer and autumn). Also Tayberries and Boysenberries.
92 Powdrell Road

The Strawberry Patch – pick your own strawberries,
Havelock Rd, Havelock North
Get directions here [22]

Hanna Berry Farm – PYO boysenberries
http://hannaberryfarm.co.nz [23]
4 Longlands Rd East
RD 2, 4172



Bell Road Berries [24] PYO strawberries and boysenberries
Real fruit ice cream too,
129 Bell Rd, Papamoa
Bell Road Berries on Facebook [25]

Redwood Lane Blueberries PYO blueberries
17 Redwood Lane
8am till 7pm
Everyday 20th January until 20th April.
Ph 07 5433511

Somerfield Berryfruit  PYO strawberries.
1002 Oropi Road, Tauranga
ph 07 543 1513

Julians berry Farm and Cafe – PYO blackberries, boysenberries raspberries, strawberries.

12 Huna Rd, Whakatane.
ph 07 308 4253
www.juliansberryfarm.co.nz [26],   [27]

Iona Boysenberries –
Corner Bell Road & State Highway 2
Papamoa, Rotorua, 3187
phone 07-542-1405
https://www.facebook.com/IonaBoysenberryOrchard [28]

Out of the Blue

221a Hamurana road


Valley Orchard – PYO plums and nectarines
1079 State Highway 25 Whangamata
Ph: 078658879


Ohaupo Orchard – blueberries
397 Jary Rd
http://www.blueberry.co.nz [29]

Blueberry Country, Ngatea – PYO blueberries
Central Road South, Ngatea
pick your own information on website – www.blueberry.co.nz [30]

Monavale Blueberries Cambridge – PYO blueberries,
790 Wallace Rd, Cambridge
pick your own information on website – www.monavaleblueberries.co.nz [31]

Ruakura Berry [32] – PYO strawberries
11 Davison Road Newstead Hamilton

Whatawhata Berry Farm [33]PYO berries, strawberries, raspberries, boysenberry and blackberries
1099 Whatawhata Rd
keep up to date with Whatawhata berry on facebook [34]

10Ye Olde Berry Farm –
pick your own berries
Tauwhare Rd, RD Hamilton
For availability and opening hours go to www.oldeberryfarm.co.nz [35]

Lavender Backyard Garden [36]– PYO blueberries, fresh/frozen blueberries, lavender products
398 Marshmeadow Rd, RD6, Hamilton (SH1B)
ph 027 612 8888
facebook – Lavender Backyard Garden [37]


Garelja Bros Strawberry Gardens [38]PYO strawberries
83 Old North Rd
ph 09 4168586

Gala Berry Strawberries [39] PYO strawberries from December 26th each year
Omaha Flats Road

Sweet Red Strawberries [40] – 
PYO strawberries
61 Bradly Rd, Helensville

Phill Greig Stawberry Gardens – PYO strawberries
464 State Highway 16, Kumeu.
ph 09 412 7329

 Zaberri [41] PYO strawberries
340 Riverhead Road, Riverhead

Zaknich Farms [42] PYO strawberries
125 Waitakere Road


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