Random Act of Sweetness Week


Come and join the fun with our week of baking and taking to others – a pure random act of kindness.
Most of us have fond memories of home baking and while we may not bake so much any more, for one week we are asking you to join us in baking something/s lovely and delivering it to someone else.
For no good reason other than the joy of giving.

Once you have baked and packed, then don’t forget to take a photo, email it to me [email protected] or post it on facebook or instagram, don’t forget to hashtag #foodloversnz or #randomactofsweetnessnz

Pams logo RGBDuring the week Pams have offered to do some giving themselves and we will be randomly picking some of you to receive a box of Pams baking products.
If you are struggling to decide then how about you pick from one of our classic recipes.




560x375_belgium-biscuitsBelgium Biscuits are so much more than just pretty biscuits.
A touch of spice and crunch combined with raspberry jam and a smear of icing make these biscuits a popular choice.




560x375_TanSquare4-1Caramel is such a crowd pleaser and Tan Square is our family favourite.






Foodlovers FL Helen Jackson recipes food, Caramel weetbix slice Photos by Carolyn RobertsonChocolate Caramel Weetbix slice has crunch, texture and that lovely layer of caramel.






PeppermintSlice_090512_1268If you like the commercially bought mint and chocolate biscuits then you are sure to like this Chocolate Mint Slice.  If you think the base is a bit crumbly then trust us and keep going.  The recipe works, it gets rave reviews, it is a real keeper.




Food Lovers, Helen Jackson, recipes, food, website, Chocolate afghan biscuits, Photos by Carolyn RobertsonWith or without the walnut these buttery chocolate crunchy morsels of Chocolate Afghans are the best thing for afternoon tea.







560x375_gingernutsThese Gingernuts are the best ever!
Everyone who makes them gives them rave reviews and they really are a winner.






Louisecake_200112_8059Louise Cake takes many of us bake to childhood as it has long been a favourite Kiwi slice.







560x375_yoyosYo yos are always a favourite and you can easily vary your icing flavour, we love using freeze dried passionfruit.






560x375_shortbreadDon’t wait until Christmas to make shortbread, it is a treat to share all year round. Our favourite aside from Original Shortbread is Chocolate and Ginger – yum!






Foodlovers website, Helen Jackson. Millionaires shortbread slice. Photos by Carolyn RobertsonAnd for a super decadent treat, how about Millionaires Shortbread.






560x375_GingerbreadThis sticky, moist Gingerbread is lovely as is and also fabulous with blue cheese and a wedge of poached pear.





Foodlovers FL Helen Jackson recipes food, Lemon yoghurt cake, Photos by Carolyn RobertsonLemon Yoghurt Cake is a lovely light citrus cake with good flavour and texture.







lemon sliceLemon Sticky Slice is another citrus favourite.







560x375_ChocChipBis_2For those wanting something a little less complicated then a good Chocolate Chip Biscuit is easy for the kids to make themselves.





What are your favourite baking recipes?

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