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Sweet Slices

Posted By Helen Jackson On July 15, 2009 @ 3:37 pm In Features,Loving Food,Loving Food | 5 Comments

[1]Slices are a great favourite of mine, they are generally quick and easy to make and are fairly quick to cook.  While most of mine don’t get a chance to make it to the freezer many of them are easily cut and then frozen for later use.

At the peak of the easy to make slices must be the varying combinations of ingredients that have a can of condensed milk poured over them prior to baking. There is no mixing bowl or spoons required but the entire slice is made in the pan.  All Saints Slice [2] aka Hello Rosie slice is a perennial favourite.  I don’t make it too often as it one of those things that will power simply can’t stand up to.  A more fruity variation of the same recipe is Tropical Slice [3] where varying dried fruits are layered on a biscuit base along with chocolate chunks.

Another favourite slice using sweetened condensed milk is Tan square [4].  I like this as much as I did as a child and unfortunately it is one of those sweets that are so popular they disappear in a flash.

Lately in our house the kids have been keen on Chocolate Weetbix Slice [5], this is great for using up weetbix crumbs in the bottom of the packet and also it is simple enough for them to make themselves.

Ginger crunch [1] is another crowd pleaser – either in the traditional short base or this delicious Takaka Oaty Ginger Crunch [6].  Chunks of crystallised in the icing are lovely or topping the icing with chopped toasted pistachio nuts.


Chocolate lovers will find this Chocolate Fudge Brownie [7] really good – it is just the right level of sticky chewiness combined with a firmer crust….

While I like my mints in a bag this Chocolate Mint Slice [8] is always a hit and particularly good with coffee after dinner.

Caramel and chocolate is a marriage in heaven and this oaty chocolate caramel slice [9] is highly decadent.

For those who like citrus then Sticky lemon slice [10] is heavenly!  For a quicker sweet citrus fix try the citrus uncooked biscuit fudge slice .

Anzac slice [11] is a pseudo healthy slice – the oaty component works for me!  It is very similar to the English flapjack slice.

A friend of mine at school was often sent packages of Chocolate Rough Slice [12] from her mum that the rest of us were eternally envious of.  I have yet to make it for my children but am sure they would like it as much as we did.

Belgian slice [13] is another old fashioned favourite although I think I like the sandwiched biscuits  a little more!
My brother is a big fan of Louise Cake [14] and whenever mum goes to stay she makes it for him.

For slices that don’t requre an oven think of coffee fudge slice [15], coconut and apricot fudge squares [16], fudge slice [17] and Tammy’s fudge slice [18],

Do you have any favourite slice recipes that you would like to share?


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