4 Ingredient Cake – Belinda

fruit cake

Belinda says “Its my birthday on Sunday so thought I would bake me a cake. Doubt anyone else will. This is my all time favourite.  It only has 4 ingredients and I think I originally got it from a weight watchers forum.  I have used this recipe for so many occasions from weddings, celebrations to bartering to thank-yous.  It’s loved by everyone.  I find it sometimes gets better with age. The ingredients can be mixed and matched. Can even be ‘shooshed’ up with a dollop of booze in the soaking.

It goes like this:

1kg dried fruit – I use all sorts from Alisons Pantry. This one has a mix of apple, apricot, pear, fig, date, melon, cranberry, raisin, kiwi, strawberry, mango and gogi.

2 cups strong black coffee – hot
2 cups self raising flour
150g Whittakers Fruit and Nut Chocolate, roughly chopped

Chop fruit up and soak over night in hot coffee. Next day add flour, and chocolate. Bake in well greased suitably sized tin. Bake for 40mins or until skewer comes out clean.

Doesn’t need icing but thought I would for the competition and cos it’s for my birthday.  Its lovely with icecream or yoghurt also.”


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