Cheese Scones

The key to good scones is to mix them quickly, don’t over mix. Make sure the oven is hot and get them straight into the oven


  • 2 rounded cups of flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 50g (1.76oz) butter
  • 3 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 cup (100g/3.52oz) grated tasty cheddar cheese
  • 1 cup milk



Preheat oven to 220 C/428 F
Sift flour and salt in a bowl, rub in butter until mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Stir through the baking powder and then 1/2 cup of cheese.
Make a well in the centre and add milk, mixing quickly with a knife to form a soft dough.
Tip dough onto a lightly floured board and pat or roll into a rectangle. Cut into shapes and sprinkle with remaining cheese. Place on a baking tray and cook for 12 minutes until golden.

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21 thoughts on “Cheese Scones

  1. Just made a batch … very easy, my son (12yrs) and I whipped it up in no time at all. Makes about 14, my only critisim is that by the time extensive testing has been completed, you are only left with 4?

  2. I jumped up from the computer, put the oven on and made the cheese scones as a BIG surprise for the father of the house-(who was having a pottering, do nothing in particular as that is what Father’s Day is all about-?isnt it !! Then took the plate with butter raspberry jam and whipped cream to the outside table,poured a fruit juice and then asked him if he had a minute. Well–2 hours later we were still sitting there–not many scaones left!- solving the problems of our large garden and the world. Thank you for a lovely Dad’s day for us.

  3. Great recipe, not a cook or a baker, always had “rock cake scones”, not now thanks to your recipe.
    Making them for the girls at tennis tomorrow.

  4. I also put it half a teaspoon of mustard and a few sprinkles of cayenne pepper…. you should try it like that as it brings out the cheese flavour and just adds a bit more oomph

  5. Dear Helen
    Just made your cheese scone recipe this rainy morning. We loved them.
    I have tried many of your food lovers recipes and find them easy to follow and
    very tasty. I should have thanked you sooner.
    Thanks. From your Canadian/Kiwi follower

  6. I swap out half the milk for sweet chilli sauce then glaze with sweet chilli and cheese – these have become the scones my mum craves most

  7. Thank you so much! I have been searching for the best cheese scone recipe for years and I have finally found it. Light, tasty and the little darlings kept their shape beautifully.

    I can not thank you enough!

  8. I used a 50/50 blend of white and whole wheat flour which turned out nice, little healthier than all white. Put some butter once they are sliced with marmalade. Yum. I also just patted it down into a round shape like a pizza and cut wedges out to bake, easier as the ball naturally goes into that shape.

    Vancouver Island

  9. Easy peasy cheesy scones! Never been able to make anything but rocks when making scones but thanks to this recipe I made the best cheese scones ever!