20 Ways with Sauerkraut and Kimchi

  While fermented foods were once the domain of alternative lifestylers, the bug is super catchy and is now finding its way into homes (and supermarkets) everywhere.  From kimchi, kombucha, sour doughs, sauerkrauts and kefir, fermenting is the new buzz … Read more »

August 2020

August 2020

We must be experiencing one of the wettest winters ever, although according to my husband I say this every year. I am now already getting exhausted about our newly launched Foodlovers Mexico Tour departing late April 2020.  The itinerary is … Read more »

Bali with Our Teens

    Warning:  If you are a family that likes riding elephants or zoos, apologies you won’t find that here. There is an eager air of anticipation as our boat is loaded with guests, dive gear and a reassuring ratio … Read more »

The Great Toastie Showdown

The Great Toastie Showdown

                31 July 2019 Finalists named in search for New Zealand’s top toasted sandwich   With the first round of judging complete in the annual Great New Zealand Toastie Takeover, one thing’s clear: … Read more »

Clevedon Buffalo Co Tartinade

  Clevedon Buffalo Co launches creamy buffalo Kiwi twist on classic French tartinade Clevedon Buffalo Co is bringing a tempting taste of France to dining tables this month with the release of three new spreadable buffalo cheeses. The trio of … Read more »

How to use Yuzu

  The Yuzu is a citrus, although quite different to citrus that we are used to here in New Zealand.  Looking a bit like a large bumpy mandarin they are anything but. Originally from Japan, the yuzu is a hybrid … Read more »