November foodlovers

This month is a big one for me as I cycle the Alps to Ocean, eating delicious food along the way of course.  I had great intentions of being cycle fit but a few weekends blocked out cooking for a school fundraiser and rowers at the lake has meant I am not quite where I want to be.  At least the scenery, people and food will be fab.
A couple of new recipes include our Ultimate Caramel Slice, the photo shows just how thick that layer of caramel is, it is decadence in a bite.
Easy Cheesy Asparagus Tart Recipe is exactly as the title says.  Super easy and deliciously cheesy.
As the party season kicks into gear check out our range of Finger Food Recipes.
Happy Cooking!

August 2020

I am currently finding joy in simple things such as planting my All in One Almond trees just before the rain came to water them in.  The addition of these trees takes our fruit (and nut) tree tally up to 20, not bad for our inner city garden.
Our Yen Ben lemon tree has so much fruit that even though I am trying not to add to my Covid kilos I am going to make a lovely moist Lemon Syrup Loaf this afternoon.  We will share it with our elderly neighbours.
For those looking for something fun in November then how about coming along on the Alps to Ocean Cycle (e-bikes) with me?  It will be delicious, scenic, good fun and of course exercise.  Currently there are 3 spots left (numbers are capped at 14).
Happy Cooking!

June 2020

For many of us this year has meant a reduction and income making it all the more necessary to spend wisely.  We have put together 20 of our favourite economical tasty dinner recipes that will hopefully give you some winter inspiration but without breaking the bank.  We also welcome your suggestions of course.
Have you tried Barker’s of Geraldine’s Tomato Sauce yet? In my post-Covid considered shopping I am happy to be supporting a Kiwi business using NZ-grown tomatoes, glass instead of plastic and the reduced salt and sugar are a bonus too.
Happy Cooking!

April 2020

Life is certainly throwing us a curved ball at present.  Lockdown here in NZ for the next so many weeks and many of us seem to be spending more time in our kitchens.
I was delighted to come home from a morning walk to a batch of beautiful warm Cinnamon Brioche that Daisy had made.  The teens have been experimenting a bit with yeast baking, their Pizza Bases were a resounding success and these homemade Fresh Bread Rolls with bacon and eggs are heavenly!   Next on the list to make is Doughnuts but thinking there is a bit more walking to do first…
Happy Cooking!


March 2020

With teen rowers, summer is a busy time for us and a time when I work on my cooking for the masses skills.  While this is generally fun it does come with its challenges, particularly when we had a 7 hour power cut and I had 12 legs of lamb to roast….
Thankfully a neighbouring property had a large gas oven so a mad dash into town for sausages wasn’t needed!
One of our most popular rowing desserts was Raspberry and White Chocolate Shortcake which is also a fab dessert or afternoon tea for family and friends.  The same recipe can be used with other fruit such as sliced plums or strawberry and rhubarb.
Happy Cooking!

Foodlovers February 2020

Happy New Year and I hope you managed to have some lovely relaxed time over the holiday break.
We are leaping into the year with some new exciting ventures.  Hosting tours is a passion of mine and I am now in my 7th year of doing this.
Late April we are off to Mexico and there are still spaces available, late in August we are heading to Croatia, the first of our foodlovers tour to this destination.
Both I am sure will be amazing, I guess Mexico has a special place in my heart as I have such wonderful memories of previous trips.  I know that Croatia will do the same.
For those of your happy to travel vicariously then we are sure to have stories and recipes to share.
Happy Cooking!

October 2019

There are so many things to love about spring with strawberries and asparagus being top of my list.
A party in New Zealand just wouldn’t be the same without a chicken sandwich and nearly everyone I know has a recipe or knows of one that is simply the best.  We decided to get some of these ideas together for our Best Chicken Sandwich feature.  There are also a few jars of mayo and aioli up for grabs, courtesy of our good friends at Best Foods.
Bookings have started to come in for my Tour of Mexico, leaving late April 2020.  I know this will be amazing as Mexico is a country of wonderful flavours, sites and experiences.
Happy Cooking!

August 2020

We must be experiencing one of the wettest winters ever, although according to my husband I say this every year.
I am now already getting exhausted about our newly launched Foodlovers Mexico Tour
departing late April 2020.  The itinerary is just amazing and I know we will have an incredible time.  This will be my 3rd trip in as many years so I think I am getting a good feel for what works. Remember trip size is small – no big tour buses for us and the trip has been polished to make it just perfect.
We will have another trip (or two) in 2020 so keep an eye out or email me to be on our trip email list.
Happy Cooking!

June/July 2019

I have been experimenting with yuzu in the ktichen, thanks to my friends at nz yuzu who sent some my way.  The flavour is like a cross between grapefruit, lemon and mandarin.  It has a lovely aroma and it is prized for its juice and also zest.  While it is great on salmon and mixed through aioli, I made mine into delicious sweet curd which I then used on our new recipe for powder puffs.  They were meant to go into the freezer to be brought out at a suitable time.  Instead I ate them over a day or two.  eek.
Listeners to Magic Talk radio will find changes in programming.   I will keep you updated as I hear as to what next.
Happy Cooking!

march 2019

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to travel and it is at this time of year that the planning begins.  Usually I host one trip a year but this time I have agreed to two as the thought of adding in Croatia in September was too exciting to turn down.
Those who are spontaneous travellers can still join our Mexico trip at the end of April and A Taste of Croatia is also open for bookings.  Numbers are kept small and we always have an amazing time.
Listeners to the Home and Garden Show on Radio Live will find us now on Magic Talk Radio.  Tony has reclaimed his weekends so my partner is currently a work in progress.
Happy Cooking!


I am sure I’m not the only one delighting in the longer days, the new season asparagus and the start of the strawberry season.
A self confessed lizard, I recently spent a couple of weeks basking in the 40 C heat of Morocco – story to come very soon.  The trip was amazing, such an incredible country that exceeded my expectations in every way.  I was hosting a tour for World Expeditions, next up is Mexico late April 2019.  The itinerary looks amazing so be sure to take a look.
Happy Cooking!

It’s officially winter and most of us don’t need a calendar reminder on this one.
The casserole dish and stock pot have been brought out from the back of the pantry as we settle in for some cosy nights at home.
My winter (ish) escape this year is to Morocco and we still have spaces available if you would like to com too….  Message me and I will email you a copy of the itinerary and pricing.
Take a look at our fab new winter salad recipe, Roasted Cauliflower, Kumara, Rocket and Crunchy Barley.  I had barley cooked this way while in Mexico and just loved the nuttiness of it.
Happy Cooking!


February 2018

I am super excited to be hosting another trip with World Expeditions and this time it is to Morocco.  I know the food and scenery will be incredible and with each of my 5 previous trips being a whole lot of fun, I know that this one will be the same.  For itinerary and prices check out Taste of Morocco with Helen Jackson.  We take a maximum of 16 people  which is I think a good fit.
With this heat ( long may it last) we have been living on quick easy recipes that don’t take too much cooking.  This Family Favourite Chicken Noodle Salad remains exactly that in these heat filled evenings.

Happy Cooking!

January 2018

I for one am happy to send the end of 2017 as it did manage to send us a few curved balls.  Hoping for a better 2018 with more time to spend creating recipes and features here.
Our family are pretty excited about a much anticipated trip to Mexico in April, if anyone has been to the Tulum, Yucatan area then I would love to hear some tips and recommendations.
Meanwhile at home my garden is going crazy with the mixture of rain and heat.  The little gardens that NW supermarket gave out some months ago have kept us well stocked with courgettes and herbs plus plenty of borage and sunflowers for the birds and the bees.
Happy Cooking!