Clevedon Buffalo Co Tartinade

  Clevedon Buffalo Co launches creamy buffalo Kiwi twist on classic French tartinade Clevedon Buffalo Co is bringing a tempting taste of France to dining tables this month with the release of three new spreadable buffalo cheeses. The trio of … Read more »

How to use Yuzu

  The Yuzu is a citrus, although quite different to citrus that we are used to here in New Zealand.  Looking a bit like a large bumpy mandarin they are anything but. Originally from Japan, the yuzu is a hybrid … Read more »

June/July 2019

June/July 2019

I have been experimenting with yuzu in the ktichen, thanks to my friends at nz yuzu who sent some my way.  The flavour is like a cross between grapefruit, lemon and mandarin.  It has a lovely aroma and it is … Read more »

The Best Cauliflower Recipes

  Cauliflower is enjoying some time in the limelight and not before time too. This often maligned and traditionally mishandled vegetable must be the most versatile vegetable, it is full of flavour and of course t it is good for you with … Read more »

Alter Eco Chocolate

  Alter Eco, the most scrumptious range of ethically and sustainably sourced organic chocolate, presents their latest enlightened indulgence, Deepest Dark Super Blackout, a silky-smooth 90% cocoa crafted into a memorable chocolate bar that will impress the most discerning palate. With 90% … Read more »