50 and Hot – Emma Diack

50 and Hot

Emma says “I wanted to enter my cake that I made for my friend Annie. I organised a Biggest Loser competition at our work at the beginning of 2012 and Annie was amazing, she lost lots of weight and won the competition. She looks great. It’s like she got a new zest for life! She was turning 50 later that year and I offered to make her cake. I had previously overheard her talking excitedly about a ‘Gin cake’ she’d seen online so I decided to find one and give it a go for my lovely friend Annie. I’m a bit gutted that the only photo I have of her photo has flour and icing bits on the table in the background. Sorry! The recipe suggests to decorate with edible flowers, but I did my own thing for Annie’s cake. Anyway, she absolutely loved her cake and her husband raved about it for ages. He said it was one of the best cakes he’d tasted. It really did taste great. Here is the recipe.”

50 and hot 2






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