Chocolate Cupcakes – Carol

chocolate cup cakes

“I made these cakes for my grandson Sabian’s 4th birthday, which was on the 14th but we waited until the weather improved to celebrate with his friends and family at a BBQ at Palm Beach, Waiheke Island (where we live).  I know everyone loves Chocolate Caramel Slice but I didn’t want to have to take a knife and plates, etc so I made individual cakes.  I used Al Brown’s recipe  (halved – which made 3 dozen mini muffin sized cakes), put 1/2 tablespoon of base in each case, baked them for 10 mins, cooled and then added condensed milk caramel topping, baked another 8-10 minutes, cooled and iced with chocolate icing.  They looked a bit messy but there were none left!  (I put icing under the cakes so they would stay put when we were driving).  I know there are some wonderful bakers and cake decorators out there who can do amazing things, and mine are pretty basic, but is it’s fun entering competitions.  The quality of baking is really impressive.
We had a lovely day, the children enjoyed the playground, went for a swim, ate all the food and went home happy.”

We think they sound delicious and perfect to have at a BBQ!


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