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happy retirement daveKate says “I made this cake for my dad’s retirement after 40 years of working in a Taranaki veterinary practice. It was a big community celebration of all his years of service to the farming community and its animals and a tribute to friendships made.

The bottom two tiers were chocolate (the recipe was previously a guarded “family secret”, and was so delicious that many people have tried to get their hands on it). These cakes were covered with white chocolate ganache and fondant. The top tier was a fruit cake covered in marzipan and fondant so that Dad could take it home with him to eat at a later date.

Here is the Chocolate Cake Recipe , it is a dense and moist cake, perfect for decorating.”


lambanimals 1

dave the vet




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20 thoughts on “Happy Retirement Dave – Kate Lilley

  1. Wonderful cake Kate. Love all the detail. Such time, patience and love went into this! Good luck with the competition.

  2. This cake is fantastic, I can tell it is a real labor of love. Your details are just fantastic. I wish you all the best as I can recognise the skill level involved in this cake. :)

  3. i am one of the people who entered and am the youngest who entered… i love your cake, it looks amazing!! i wish i could do that! if you havent voted already voted for yours or someone elses cake could you pleeeaaassse vote for mine. i know im not going to win but i want to at least see how many votes i can get!!!! if you do, thank you so much!!

    • Thank you Katie! That’s a lovely compliment. I have only started decorating cakes in the last couple of years and didn’t start young like you so you’ve got a head start and will be creating even more beautiful cakes in no time! I am also very impressed with yours and had actually already showed my family as I was amazed that someone so young could make such a beautiful layered cake. I will send an email out to my family for you and good luck and keep going with your baking/decorating :)

    • Awww that is so lovely! Thank you so much! I have never entered anything like this and feel embarrassed asking for the support but it is a great feeling getting so much support and for people to see and appreciate the cake considering the hours that goes into cake decorating :)

    • I don’t know, he hasn’t started the op yet! No relaxing for Dave, swimming, running, biking everyday and is hardly ever home.

      Thanks everyone for the lovely comments :)

  4. Fantastic effort Kate. Hope that people viewing your little creatures appreciate the brilliant tributes you have created to Dave’s long veterinary career. Jan R

  5. What a fabulous cake. Love all the characters and know how much time these things take to get such a high level of detail. Love it…