Polka Dot Triplet Cake – Geeta Patel

polka dot cake
I am often busy making cakes for others but in this instance I made one for myself – but not only myself – my sisters as well (I am a triplet).
I wanted something to represent the 3 of us and thought 3 peas in a pod would be cute.
Not only did I mould a fondant pea pod with 3 peas to go on top of the cake, but I carried
on the pea theme inside the cake by making a polka dot cake. I used the colour pink as
well as green as it is one of our favourite colours and it provided a nice contrast with the
I read and followed some of the Polka dot cake tutorial,
(I actually froze my pink and green cake balls first and then put them in the batter. I thought they might become overcooked otherwise.) Also, to add even more interest, I made macarons in pink and green. So this cake really did end up being a true celebration cake!
I have to admit I did one small mistake in that I cut my layers and put vanilla butter-cream
inside the layers. My mistake was that I didn’t line them up properly so some of the dots
were not full dots. Next time I make this cake I will not split the layers so the dots stay whole.
Still I was happy with the overall outcome. It was a true celebration for us 3 sisters who are
often apart on our birthday but on this occasion we happened to be all together. So, I just
had to make a special cake to celebrate in style.

The recipe is a vanilla cake recipe out of a book ‘Divine Cupcakes, a book of temptation’ by Tamara Jane.
Birthday Celebration Cake

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