Food Quiz – Jan 17th 2013

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Test your food trivia knowledge with our weekly food quiz.
If you have any questions you would like to submit then please do email them through.

Meanwhile here is this week’s quiz.


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3 thoughts on “Food Quiz – Jan 17th 2013

  1. I have lots of small white onions in the garden and was wondering if they need to be dried off before I pickle them. I have seen similar in the shops done in white vinegar and thought I’d have a go but I don”t want them to be a failure.

    • Hi Valda, I wonder if you should blanch and freeze some too. You can get these in American and UK supermarkets in the freezer department to use in Boeuf Bourguignon and
      Coq au Vin. You cannot find them un-pickled in NZ anywhere that I can find.