Foodlovers Food Quiz – Week starting October 8th

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Test your knowledge of food with our foodlovers food quiz – how well did you do? Got a question or two that you think are quiz worthy then email me [email protected]and we may just slot them in.  

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25 thoughts on “Foodlovers Food Quiz – Week starting October 8th

  1. Thank goodness I am not setting maps for Apple!
    Just shows we all have a lot to learn but I will endeavour to make future quizes as tight as possible.
    Your positive and constructive feedback is appreciated!

  2. Hi Helen – Love it! I’m a bit of a quizaholic and happy with my 16/20 but I’ve got a few things to point out:
    -As Nick pointed out the Beurre Manie (which is also spelled wrong) is wrong
    -Mirrin is technically rice wine so the Teriyaki question is a bit dicey
    -Lamb is under 1 year, Hogget is a sheep with two teeth and mutton is a sheep with more (generally over 2 years in age I think). Or something along those lines but I’m pretty sure Mutton is generally older than 1 although if you had a very fast developing sheep…?!?!?
    – Dolce de Leche is actually Dulce de Leche (it’s spanish – techically south american I think – not Italian).
    – A tempering machine is used to temper chocolate which is not technically melting the chocolate properly but cooling it properly.
    Not sure whether I’ve helped or just been a huge know-it-all! As they say on Faggle Rock, ‘the trash heap has spoken’

    • I’ve just been looking up the mutton definitions and I agree, mutton is from a sheep with more than two teeth, and two years is the rule of thumb.

      Nothing wrong with being a know-it-all – if someone sets a quiz they should take the trouble to get the facts straight.

    • Excellent Debbie, thanks so much for your responses which I am looking at and will make changes and then delete this conversation :) Some are my fault and some are gremlins in the survey that I am still understanding – some of my answers seem to have re set themselves somewhere other than where I wanted them.
      Buerre manie is spelt right other than the accent which I am trying to work out how to make isn’t it?
      I checked spelling of Dolce de leche and it is spelt both ways – the quiz doesn’t say it is Italian…. It just says what is it.

  3. I got 75%, but at least one of your answers is wrong. The correct answer to #15 is (b) not (a).

    In # 2 there are many variants of five spice powder, but it is extremely unusal for it to contain cumin. The most common combination is star anise, cloves, cinnamon, fennel seeds and Sichuan pepper.

  4. I feel sorry for you if you spread beurre manie on you toast as given as the correct answer in the quiz!!! Eating a raw mixture of butter and flour is quite distasteful!