Raspberry and Nougat Semifreddo

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Today, on Foodlovers TV, Helen Jackson makes a delicious Raspberry and Nougat Semifreddo. There aren’t too many ingredients required for this one.


2 egg yolks
1/3 cup sugar
1/3 cup manuka honey
Splash of vanilla
1 1/2 cups cream


Start off with separating the eggs and leaving only the egg yolks in the bowl.  Add sugar and honey. Add a splash of vanilla.

Place the bowl on a saucepan on stove while continuously whisking to create a thick, creamy consistency.  Once you have a thick consistency, remove from stove and keep stirring while the bowl cools.

Beat cream in a separate bowl to create soft peaks. Put bowl to one side.

Fold in raspberries, nougat and cream into the original bowl of egg mixture.

Line a 25cm loaf pan with cling wrap. Pour mixture into the pan and smooth over on top. Fold in the plastic and pop into a freezer overnight or for 2-3 nights.

Once frozen, remove from freezer. Place semifreddo onto a platter.  Decorate with fresh raspberries and serve.





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