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To those of you in Christchurch our heartfelt thoughts go out to you.  The televised scenes are reflective of  a war torn country and not what we would have ever expected to see in a local situation.  
I know many would like to offer pracitical support and there are hotlines for those willing to host evacuees in both Wellington and Auckland and donations can be made to reputable organisations such as Red Cross or the Salvation Army.  Some of the banks are also collecting funds and vodafone customers can text donations.
Aside from this it seems as though all we can do is to hope that there will continue to be success stories in the days to come.

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2 thoughts on “February

  1. Many thanks for your kind thoughts Helen. Living here in Chch is the strangest thing. Nearly 5 weeks after that horrible day, the people are so tired, stressed, jumpy and that’s us lucky ones. I think about those still recovering in hospital from crush injuries and those whose loved ones never made it and I feel so helpless and useless. Whenever there’s an aftershock, and there are lots, I go into freeze mode and would be so unhelpful in a crisis. Every time someone sends their good wishes or thoughts, it makes a difference. And to those who ARE useful in an emergency, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m a foodie, I love to cook and read about cooking but I’m finding it hard to focus or concentrate, to remember anything. Thank you for the escapism and practical recipes on your website. Hopefully I can recover my cooking mojo!

  2. Hi heard you on the radio the other day and I was interested in looking at your website.

    I love cooking and i cook the Nonya style as I come from Singapore.