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Hi there,

With the RWC final this weekend and also Labour weekend it is sure to be a weekend of fun and entertaining all around the country.
I have spent the last week in Hokitika and was pleased that the kids got to see whitebaiters in action and get an understanding of where those little wriggly white fish come from.
We all have our own favourite way of cooking them but my personal favourite is when the eggs are separated and the whites whisked and then folded into the mixture at the end.  Not too much flour either –  about 1/2 cup per 500g of whitebait to 4 eggs, yum!
On a completely different topic, the children have been making Nellie’s gingernuts these holidays and reminded me what great biscuits these are.  Very crisp with lots of flavour and perfect for dunking into a cup of tea.

Happy Cooking!


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