I Found Nemo – Vomo Island Fiji

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Yes this is a food site but there are times when I experience something completely unrelated to food that I just have to share.

On an extraordinary trip to Vomo Island Fiji with Tourism Fiji, a huge highlight for me – aside from the pure indulgent luxury and sensorial overload – was snorkelling on the edge of some of the coral reefs surrounding the island.  I am
With daughter Daisy’s go pro in hand I was determined to return with a lovely tropical fish video so was almost bursting with excitement when we discovered clown fish i.e. Nemo and his family.
Unfortunately the video was on the wrong setting and I ended up with a staccato of images.
Next morning the gorgeous boys from the dive shop take pity on me and off we motor again to another spot and there we find not only Nemo but masses of the most gorgeous fish.  This little video is only 13 seconds long but gives a glimpse of the wonderful snorkelling in this gorgeous patch of the Pacific.
Is anyone else snorkelling mad?

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