iDon’tSnack 2.0- UPDATE!!!!!!

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Virgil Evetts

Yes. Hello, I’m back at home now and I’ll be sure to bang on about the wonders of Italy, Singapore and London in gratuitous detail shortly, but first I need to address a more urgent matter.

Vegemite iSnack 2.0. Seriously? Yes, I know it’s supposed to be a bit funny, tee-hee, blah blah. Well it isn’t. Not only does it have all the comedic impact of a joke thought up by a chartered accountant (which it probably was), it’s just plain weird. Making a spread sound like a new Apple product was never going to win favour with me anyway. As anyone who knows me will recall, I have a long standing and highly irrational policy of boycotting all Apple products.

It was strange enough that Kraft chose to launch a product that nobody asked for in the first place, but to then call it something so patently odd makes me bloody glad I don’t own shares in the company. To be fair, I don’t suppose the Kraft marketing team are used to much in the way of challenges are they? Perhaps Word has a product branding tool that I don’t know about:

You appear to be trying to name a new product. Would you like to use Words’  bewildering and random brand-name wizard?

8:01 AM, Thursday October 1

Good News!

Kraft have had enough time sitting in the corner now, thinking about their actions to realise that the name is utter pants and have therefore dropped it.

Another victory against the forces of stupid.

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4 thoughts on “iDon’tSnack 2.0- UPDATE!!!!!!

  1. This is just an adverstising gimmick surely!! The new speaad shiould be called Enervbrite – gives energy and good brain food!!!!

  2. How bizarre this is – firstly to invent such a product and secondly to name it something so unsuitable, I do wonder it is an elaborate publicity stunt.

  3. If they wanted to go the web-way, why not simply Vegemite 2.0? Or better still, leave out any reference to Vegemite and 2.0 and just call it ?