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NZ Pork is setting out to help consumers feel more confident about cooking pork steaks and chops by introducing a new gold-standard cooking method which will produce perfect pork, every time.

The 6+2+2 method is incredibly simple, easy to remember, and never fails to create succulent, juicy pork. It’s so quick – you’ll have them on the table in 10 minutes!

Over a medium-high heat, fry your New Zealand pork steaks or chops for six minutes on one side. Flip them over and cook for two minutes on the other side. Then remove from the pan and rest them for two minutes.

The method can also be done on the barbecue to make the most of warm summer evenings and the long weekends ahead.

NZ Pork is challenging consumers to try something new and give the 6+2+2 method a go. Pick up a pack of New Zealand pork steaks or loin chops and see how easy it is!

“When cooked right, pork steaks and chops are incredibly tasty and juicy. Unfortunately, we are aware that people can be put off purchasing and cooking pork because they’ve had bad experiences with it being overcooked and dry”, says NZ Pork CEO David Baines.

We’re spreading the word about the 6+2+2 method so that people feel confident cooking perfect pork, every time.”

Contrary to what many have been taught, the best way to eat pork is a little bit pink in the middle, much like beef or lamb. The 6+2+2 method will produce delicious blushing pink meat for a steak or chop which is 2cm thick, so will be tender and full of flavour.

NZ Pork has worked with supermarkets and butchers to ensure that this 2cm thickness will be consistent across New Zealand pork steaks and loin chops. This is the industry standard to ensure that the 6+2+2 method works without fail.

Renowned chef Brenton Low has created six innovative new recipes using the 6+2+2 method. These recipes are packed full of interesting flavours and range from family-friendly soy caramel pork steaks to something for the more adventurous cook – cure your own pork pastrami!

These recipes and more information about the 6+2+2 method can be found on

Remember, when purchasing pork, be sure to look out for “NZ Pork” on the label, or the 100% New Zealand or PigCare Born & Raised labels so you know that you’re supporting local farmers.

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