Silver Fern Farms Taste Adventure Celebrating Flavours from Around the Globe

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Silver Fern Farms natural grass-fed red meat is the perfect ingredient to begin a taste
adventure at home, inspiring Kiwi cooks to create internationally-inspired dishes to share
with friends and family.
As New Zealand becomes increasingly culturally diverse, foodies are becoming more familiar
and confident with international flavours and food trends. As taste horizons expand,
consumers are on the search for inspiration to create exciting new meals that feature bold
and exciting flavours from around the world.
Nicola Johnston, General Manager Marketing (Acting) says Kiwi cooks are more confident
than ever before, and they are enjoying a greater variety of cuisine from all four corners
of the globe.
“Its official – we’re no longer a meat and three vege culture! Our on-going market
research reinforces just how far we’ve come, and our palates continue to shift rapidly.
New Zealanders are broadening their tastes, cooking and enjoying dishes influenced by
cultures from all around the globe.
Research also shows a rise in 'fragrant and flavoursome' with Kiwi foodies increasingly eager
to try new ideas and to cook from scratch with flavour accents like cardamom, cumin,
turmeric, fennel, herb pastes, gourmet peppers, harissa and dukkah. “These
accompaniments are perfect for Silver Fern Farms premium red meat cuts – they lend
themselves to rubs and seasonings, which enhance the umami or delicious savoury flavours
of the meat,” she says.
“Foodies aren’t slaves to recipes any longer, they take inspiration from the flavours of
the globe, using fresh, seasonal local New Zealand ingredients. More and more we’re
seeing shared plates in the centre of the table, creating meal experiences that bring
everyone together, an opportunity to catch up and enjoy each other’s company with
cuisine which reflects our more confident global outlook,” she adds.

Silver Fern Farms’ red meat is perfect for this adventurous style of cookery. Silver Fern
Farms Lamb Steaks, Lamb Loin Fillets, Beef Flat-Iron Steaks, Beef Eye Fillet Steaks,
Venison Medallions and Venison Mince are all quick-cooking cuts. Although delicious on
their own, for a bit more excitement they can be taken to the next level with the bold
and exotic flavours of global cuisine.
As well as being perfect for quick-cooking in any cuisine style, Silver Fern Farms
pasture-raised and grass-fed beef, lamb and venison consistently deliver the flavour,
texture and quality foodies are looking for.
To continue inspiring Kiwi cooks to create new dishes to delight family and friends, Silver
Fern Farms has developed a range of sensational new culinary ideas that will take
consumers on a taste adventure around the world from the comfort of their own home.
• Ignite a Mexican Fiesta: Lamb Steak Tacos with Slaw
• Savour Italy: Italian Inspired Venison Caprese Salad
• Feel the Heat of Asia: Spicy Lamb Loin Fillets with Asian Slaw
• Spice up your Life in Cuba: Cuban Style Beef Flat Iron Steak Sandwich
• Explore the delights of the Mediterranean: Mediterranean Eye Fillet Steaks
• Taste the Zing of Vietnam: Vietnamese Venison Salad
Silver Fern Farms red meat is the inspired start to every meal for family and friends.
Look out for these delicious Silver Fern Farms Taste Adventure ideas, available now on
shelf or from sampling stands from all participating supermarkets or visit
Silver Fern Farms Lamb Steaks RRP $11.95
Silver Fern Farms Lamb Loin Fillets RRP $21.95
Silver Fern Farms Beef Flat-Iron Steaks RRP $12.95
Silver Fern Farms Beef Eye Fillet Steaks RRP $21.95
Silver Fern Farms Venison Medallions RRP $21.95
Silver Fern Farms Venison Mince RRP $9.95

For more information on Silver Fern Farms’ Global Taste Adventures contact:
Kathie Bartley, [email protected], 021 275 9908

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