Ours Truly™ Launches 3L Organic Milk in a Cask!

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Waikato, Monday 28th June, 2021: Waikato-based boutique dairy company, Ours Truly™, has today launched an organic A3™ milk with a difference – it comes in an easy-to-pour 3 litre cask.

Ours Truly™ first made waves within the dairy industry in March this year, when it launched its first consumer offering, Organic Full Cream A3™ Milk. The ‘clean’ dairy product – free of any nasty chemicals and pesticides – was first available in recyclable 1 litre bottles. Like the 1 litre product, the new 3 litre cask is also available as part of Ours Truly’s door-to-door subscription service, delivering milk to many parts of the North Island.

“The larger quantity, and the functionality of the cask – which has a tap to control milk flow – makes the 3 litre ideal for hospitality and food service providers,” says Hayley Denney, Organic Dairy Hub Business Development Manager.

“It’s also great for households that go through a lot of milk. The cask fits well on a standard fridge shelf and it tastes how milk is supposed to taste – like the good old days!”

Ours Truly™ organic milk is available in 3L casks and 1L bottles online at www.ourstruly.co.nz for either a weekly, fortnightly and monthly subscription so residents within from Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty – and most places in between – can sign up to an Ours Truly™ subscription and enjoy fresh, organic milk delivered right to their door!
Ours Truly also offers delivery to cafes, restaurants and other venues for hospitality customers who place larger volume orders.

Ours Truly™ cows are well-looked-after through sustainable and regenerative farming.

“These practices give our milk a natural and high-quality profile,” explains Denney.

“We are starting with milk, but we have other organic NZ made products in the pipeline – we want to bring kiwis their dairy staples without any hassle, straight to their door!”

Ours Truly 3L organic milk – RRP $12.30
Ours Truly™ 1L organic milk – RRP $4.25

For food service and hospitality providers, please contact: [email protected]
For household shoppers, Ours Truly milk is available at
Instagram and Facebook @ourstrulynz

About Ours Truly

We are kiwi farmers dedicated to producing the best organic milk products while keeping the care of our animals, our people, and the environment at the forefront of everything we do.

Ours Truly™ was created by Organic Dairy Hub (ODH®) in 2020 with one goal in mind: create a range of delicious-tasting, organic consumer products right here in New Zealand – by kiwis, for kiwis…and beyond!

Our people are at the heart of Ours Truly™,  our farmers are passionate about sustainable and regenerative farming; practices that not only ensure that our cows are happy, healthy and well-looked-after, but also gives our organic milk a natural and high-quality profile – put simply, our organic cows are certified as grass fed, GMO free and free from antibiotics and pesticides.

Not only do we look after the environment and our animals, we also look after our people. Ours Truly farmers are all about whanau – we live and breathe our local community. We are many things to many people, such as coaches of local sports teams and contributing members of clubs, volunteers for off-shore Search and Rescue, and we serve on school and community boards.


We believe that great people create great products with an emphasis on quality and health, and that is exactly how we have crafted ours…truly.

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