Affordable milk for consumers here to stay

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Affordable milk will be available indefinitely at all six Nosh food market stores from April 16 following a bottling agreement announced today.

Nosh director Clinton Beuvink says the company has signed a deal with Green Valley to bottle milk under the Nosh Essentials own-brand label.

Green Valley produces a wide range of milk, including organic milk, and is based in Mangatawhiri just south of the Bombay Hills. The company is the largest privately owned organic dairy farm in New Zealand and is managed by dairy industry identity Corrie den Haring.

Nosh Essentials milk will retail at $2.49 for two litres, around half the price of branded milk advertised by a big supermarket chain.

“Milk is finally more affordable for New Zealand consumers on an on-going basis,” Mr Beuvink says.


“Green Valley milk is a high quality product. The company is widely recognised as one of the leading dairy farms in New Zealand with the highest quality milk. It has a fresh-from-farm approach with the supplier mid-way between our Auckland and Hamilton food market stores. We couldn’t be more delighted to secure them as our supplier.


“It has been a costly exercise for us but it is worth it now we have achieved our goal of a sustained reduction in price,” he says.


Green Valley is very supportive of the move: “We’re pleased to be supporting Nosh in its private label venture,” says Mr den Haring.


Nosh reduced the price of milk to $2 for two litres in its six food market stores in early February in protest against excessive industry mark-ups on milk.

The company extended its discount offer in to March and has continued to receive wide consumer support for the idea. It has sold hundreds of thousands of bottled milk at the reduced price in seven weeks.

Nosh Essentials (2 litre bottles) will be available from Monday 16 April in blue, light blue and trim varieties in all six Nosh food market stores for $2.49


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One thought on “Affordable milk for consumers here to stay

  1. This is great news for those of you living north of the Bombay Hills, but what is the hope for the rest of us? Is some other worthy chain going to step in and provide some price competition in the south?