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Staying at Home and Eating Well

Posted By Helen Jackson On March 19, 2020 @ 5:21 pm In Features,Loving Food,Loving Food | 1 Comment

As we prepare to spend a bit more time at home, many of us will be planning our meals and how to cater from the fridge, pantry, freezer and perhaps a few things in the garden.
I have just planted broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and beetroot and also have plenty of mint, rosemary, parsley and coriander.
The reality is that we are very likely to have no issue with food purchasing but perhaps there might be some times when we are less inclined to go out, that’s when being oraganised comes in handy.

Here are some of my thoughts but would love to see yours as well.
Helen :)


If there is an egg in the house, you have a meal.  These nutrient dense ovals are great to boil, poach, fry or scramble, use in carbonara, frittatas, quiche and tarts.  Eggs usually have a generous shelf life so are easy to keep on hand.
*Tip: crack eggs into silicone muffin trays, freeze and then pop the eggs out into a plastic container.  Seal and store in the freezer to use as needed.
Bacon, Leek and Potato Tart [1]


Arborio Rice in the Pantry
Risotto is a glorious comfort food and easily made with a few staple ingredients.
Smoked Chicken, Spinach and Lemon Oven. Baked Risotto [2]

Barley in the Pantry
This humble grain is not only great to add bulk to soups but it is also fabulous in risottos and salads.
Mushroom and Prosciutto Barley Risotto [3]

Dried Pasta and Noodles
It goes without saying that dried noodles and  pasta are great to have one hand, particularly in families with kids to feed. For a number of years Spaghetti Bolognese was my kids favourite meal.
Hot Smoked Salmon Pasta Salad [4]
Family Chicken Noodle Salad [5]
Quick and Easy Soba Noodle Salad [6]
Easy Pad Thai [7]

Cross-Cut Blade Steak in the freezer
My favourite cut of the stewing steaks. A few packs of this in the freezer means that a casserole or stew is easy to achieve.  These are easily extended and leftovers make for tasty lunches.
Beef Stew with Crunchy Topping [8]
Greek Beef Stew [9]
Asian Beef Stew [10]

Bacon in the fridge/freezer
Essential for Pasta Carbonara, breakfast bacon & eggs or adding some flavour interest for vegetable based soups
Pasta Carbonara [11]

Chicken in the Freezer
Our freezer space is generous so we always have a whole chicken on hand plus some thighs and possibly breast meat.
Chicken Marbella [12]
Kung Pao Chicken [13]
Easy Chicken in a Curry [14]
Food Court Butter Chicken [15]
Chicken with Cannelini Beans [16]
4 1/2 Cup Chicken [17]

Highgrade Flour and Yeast
Useful for bread and pizzas
Pizza dough [18]

Curry Pastes in the Fridge or Pantry
Our family favourite is Thai yellow curry, we always have a tub of it in the fridge and of course coconut cream in the pantry.
Thai Yellow Chicken and Kumara Curry [19]
Pumpkin, Spinach and Chickpea Curry [20]

Chickpeas, Dried or Canned
I would like to say that I soak my chickpeas overnight but reality is that I flick open a can.
Chickpeas are always in my pantry, either for hummus or adding to a salad or curry.
Pumpkin, Spinach and Chickpea Curry [20]
Creamy Hummus [21]
Moroccan Chicken with Chickpeas [22]

Canned Tuna
It pretty much goes without saying how useful having a few cans of tuna is.  It is a great source or protein and blends well into many meals.
Brown Rice and Tuna Salad [23]
Tuna Melt [24]
Tuna Pasta Salad [25]

Whether they are in soups or curries, lentils are a great staple. Dahl is one of those simple understated dishes that is positively delicious and very easy to make.
Dahl [26]

Sweet Treats
Sometimes a spoonful of sugar makes life a bit more cheerful!
Chocolate Caramel Weetbix Slice [27]
No bake Caramel Slice [28]
Chocolate Afgan Biscuits [29]
Chocolate Mint Slice [30]
Chocolate Weetbix Slice [31]
Belgium Biscuits [32]

What is in your meal plan?


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