But it looked so good in the picture!

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Debbie Byrom

I don’t often eat ice cream. Especially the fat-laden sugary behemoth that is a Memphis Meltdown – I’m afraid I may be afraid of big nuts as the advertising suggested. There was however a moment of weakness on an unseasonably sunny day last weekend and I found myself leaning over the ice cream cabinet in the local gas station. I got suckered by a ‘new’ sticker.

There are two kinds of people on this earth – those who like their ice cream plain (vanilla, hokey pokey etc) and those who think the more bits and pieces you add the better. I’m firmly in the second camp. Or at least I was. Enter the Rocky Road Memphis Meltdown. The description on the pack goes something like “A mountain of jelly rippled chocolate ice cream dunked in marshmallow and smothered in choc, nuts and coconut”. The mother in law, who also got suckered in, described it as being like eating a jandle.

It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with it as such. The individual components were fine (excluding the marshmallow which was like cloudy tough jelly) but the ultimate combination was wrong – too much other stuff, not enough ice cream, the whole thing was barely even cold.

I feel the need to add in a disclaimer at this point in the defence of Tip Top. Other people might love the product, it just didn’t do it for me.

Anyway, I was so disappointed that I got halfway through, gave up and put the thing bag in the bag, dropped it in the nearest bin and proceeded to sulk. For some reason food has an astounding ability to upset me; I feel cheated and let down in a way that is neither reasonable nor rational. It’s been happening a bit recently – Pak’ n Save steak that tasted not quite right and my first tasting of Collective Dairy yoghurt which just couldn’t match up to Piako.

Surely I am not alone in being lured in by the look of something to find that the reality is far less fulfilling. Anyone got any good examples?

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6 thoughts on “But it looked so good in the picture!

  1. Thanks for this, Debbie! I drove past a huge ad for the Rocky Road Memphis Meltdown today and was tempted, but I think I’ll give it a miss. I don’t find I sulk about food that turns out to be disappointing, but a bad coffee means Sulk City!

    I was disappointed by the Collective Dairy yoghurt too. It’s not even in the same food group as Piako. Mind you, I’ve had to go cold turkey on Piako after I found myself taking home two of every flavour…

  2. Becs – I was really disapointed with the collective dairy stuff – the packaging looked so fantastic and I really wanted it to be a fantastic product but the texture was nowhere near as thick or creamy as I was expecting – to be honest it was a little grainy almost like ricotta. Again I ended up only half finishing it and throwing the rest out.
    I did wonder whether maybe I got a bad batch but at $5 a throw I’m not going to pay to find out. Besides, Piako is just so mind blowingly awesome that I don’t need another yoghurt in my life!

  3. I totally agree with you about the Rocky Road Memphis Meltdown. My husband and I were very disappointed with it.

  4. Oh I loved the Rocky Road Memphis Meltdown! But yes know exactly what you are getting at with food that overpromises. Stone fruit out of season from the US is something I always try just as I’m so hopeful but am always so disapointed. And as for meat from the supermarket I’ve given up!

  5. Totally agree with you on Collective Dairy vs Piako, after all the hype I was disappointed – fresh’n’fruity masquerading in a flash package I reckon!