Dulce de Batata – Kumara Paste

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In our post on making quince paste, we mentioned we came across a recipe for doing the same thing with sweet potato. Dulce de Batata as it is also known. It sounded quite an interesting idea.

Dulce de batata is a traditional dessert from Argentina, Paraquay and Uruguay. You can even get it in a can!

Last night we decided to give it a go. We had one red kumara in the pantry so ours wasn’t going to be the beautiful golden colour but it was a yummy taste we were after. We started with this recipe  but there seems be a bunch of steps missing, so this is what we did.

We peeled the kumara and chopped it into bits. We put it in a covered pot on the stove with lemon juice and a little water to steam cook it, adding more water if it it started to stick. Meanwhile we made the sugar syrup.

The recipe suggested to add a quarter of the weight of the sweet potato in sugar. Our one kumara weighed 160 grams so we took 50 grams of sugar and mixed it with 100ml of water and a good dash of vanilla extract. We were making corn chowder for dinner at the same time so with the kumara and the chowder going on the stove, we decided to do the sugar syrup in the microwave. We did for thirty second blasts, stirring it each time until the sugar had all melted.

Once the kumara was soft we added the sugar syrup and blitzed it smooth with the stick blender. It was still on the heat and we kept stirring it until it was quite thick. This did not take a long at all. We then stirred in about half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon We tipped it into a shallow dish and let it set while we enjoyed the chowder and home made bread.

We served up the dulce de batata for pudding, serving it with some natural sweetened yoghurt. It was really nice. The texture is a cross between quince paste and well mashed potato. It was deliciously sweet and we would definitely make it again.

It is supposed to go well with cheese and chocolate, so methinks some more experimenting to come!





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