Favourite Food Combinations

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There are some food combinations that have been put on earth to rival some of the greatest pleasures in life.

One that most people seem to agree on is strawberries and chocolate. Or raspberries and chocolate.

Cake and berries always gets me watering at the mouth, particularly my crowd favourite chocolate cake with a raspberry mash filling or my raspberry friands! DELICIOUS.

But there are some odd combinations that will have people screwing up their nose at, or wondering what on earth possessed you to put those two items of food together in the first place.

I love nutella melted into the split of a banana, yoghurt and honey, cheese and carrot sticks, cheese and grapes, and one that you can never go past pineapple and cheese. This particular combination is best eaten together on a toothpick, preferably sticking out of an orange like a hedgehog. (My mum used to make these for my childhood birthday parties, always a favourite.)

It should look something like this…

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4 thoughts on “Favourite Food Combinations

  1. We have weird combinations going on in this household.

    Hubby likes Peanut butter and cheese. Cheese and jam. he has cooked macaroni, sugar and butter, yes butter…

    I like cheese pineapple and pickled onion, but only on toothpicks.
    I like cheese and onion sammies though.

    Another nice toasted bread sandwich is bacon and banana. So nice doing it like this, toast,bacon,toast, sliced banana (not mashed), toast.

    Oh I do like potato chip and marmite sandwiches..

  2. Cheese and red wine. Oh, and raw green beans and red wine – the beans seem to release a hidden flavour in the wine. Trust me.

    Smoked salmon, cream cheese and pickled jalapeno are like heaven together.

    Beef and tomato. Chicken and coconut. Cheese and onion (of course). Pork and sage. Ham and mustard. Fish and sorrel. Mmmmm, I’m getting hungry now!

  3. I also enjoy cheese and pineapple and my sons love it on pizza!

    Pumpkin and Feta is a glorious combination

    I love cheese and marmite….very Kiwi

  4. I am trying to think of mine and while I agree with the obviouls such as tomato and basil, I also love dates and ginger when combined in scones, cakes, loaves etc…
    Raspberries and coconut are luscious together and even better with chocolate as well.
    Maple syrup and thick yoghurt….
    Peanut butter and banana on vogel toast – yum