Take them Food!

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6 weeks ago today (and counting) I had a fall outside at home (on wet concrete) which resulted in a gash to my head, elbow and also concussion.
For an A-type personality that is used to organising work, family and charity, the ongoing motion sickness type nausea and brain fog completely threw me as did the inability to look at technology screens for more than a few minutes.
In those first weeks (and even sometimes now) the challenge for Ed to cope with his day job plus managing kids AND putting a meal on the table each night was huge and it gave me a very real awareness of how absolutely AMAZING gifts of food are.

Forget the flowers but a lasagne would be fantastic!

Friends want to help but maybe the thought of cooking a meal for someone else (particularly someone who works in food) could be intimidating, yet for us on the receiving end a gifted meal is the best thing ever.

To the friends who delivered chicken pie, pasta bake, soup and slices, I truly could have smothered them with hugs and I am not a particularly huggy type of person.
I know that sometimes people worry about being invasive but I would say please don’t.  Even if you don’t want to engage in conversation then leave something at the door and text to say it is there.

For those that prefer not to cook yet want to be helpful then you can always look at places that make good quality meals to go that are able to be reheated at home.

This list is just a start of places that make quality meals to go.  I would love to hear some of your suggestions as well.

Angel Delivery Courier delivered meals to most places excluding RD addresses.
feedback from my friend Jeanette “it was literally as good if not better than homemade”.

Eat.co.nz  Simple honest fare that is great for sending to those recuperating or perhaps elderly family members that need some help with meals.

Primal Kitchen  With a focus on meals high in protein, fat and low in carbohydrates, Primal kitchen deliver around NZ.

North island

Feed Me Each Thursday the menu for the following week is posted.  Orders can be couriered throughout the north island with the exception of RD addresses.


The Casual Foodie (Birkenhead), pick up or delivery.  This comes highly recommended and the menu selection looks delicious.

Ripe Deli (Ponsonby) is famous for its frozen fare in double or family sized servings.

Gingerbirds (Dominion Rd, Mt Eden).  A fabulous range of takeout meals in single, double or family sized servings.

Jess’ Underground Kitchen Jervois Rd.  Jess’ food is fast growing in popularity and her meals to go are receiving rave reviews.

Cook’s Night Off Food made with love is the byline and the love is certainly shared.  Every meal you buy provides a meal for a person in need through the Auckland City Mission.
Menu changes weekly, delivery covers the Auckland area.

Hawkes Bay 

Mylk Napier and Hastings.  Fresh and healthy salads, apparently the best lasagne, menu varies from week to week.




Richards Real Kitchen.  If you have wondered where Richard Till has gone, he is busy cooking ready made meals from his kitchen in Christchurch.  There are several pick up locations available.

Traiteur (Merivale). One of the fabulous things about Traiteur is that you can customise your meals to suit.  Pick the protein and match with your preferred vegetables.
Menu varies from week to week and is healthy and delicious.


Fedeli Tucked in alongside popular cafe Federal Diner, Fedeli is the perfect place to pick up full flavoured meals such as Moroccan lamb, chicken curry etc… for nights when you just don’t want to cook.

Florences Foodstore and Cafe  Florences is well known for its cafe food but also has frozen meals to go. Coq au vin and Lamb tagine to name but a few.

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6 thoughts on “Take them Food!

  1. Lola’s on Lake Road in Belmont (between Devonport and Takapuna) does fantastic frozen home made meals. Good variety, tasty and reasonably priced. I agree with Janet, would love some inspiration of things to take other than Lasagne and cottage pie, particularly chicken recipes which most people seem to like

  2. Good to hear you are well into recovery mode, Helen.

    I think a valuable resource would be ideas for what to take people. Lasagne is what springs to mind, but there is only so much of that one wants to eat. It’s always a bit nerve wracking, thinking “will they like it”, and it needs to be a substantial meal (should you do salads/veges as well?). Maybe it also needs to be able to be refrigerated for a day or two, or frozen? Perhaps I just overthink it. I’m overseas at the moment, but I know when I get home one of my first tasks will be to take meals to a young woman with two tiny children who has just lost her husband, and I would love a list!

  3. Just shows in time of need their are some special people that will always step up to help.Our daughter in law in sydney found when our son had a major accident neighbors she hadnt met come with food.Now firm friends.Power of food. Dosent have to be much but the thought that someone cares.Hope you are 100% again soon.

  4. Wow Helen hope you are now on the mend! Haven’t been on your site for many a moon ( Too busy working!) Still love cooking though!

    Kind Regards

    Jude ( from Taupo)