Bright Ideas for your Home

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In a world that seems to spin faster everyday there’s nothing better than coming home and enjoying time with your family  in your own  space.. In order to fully relax and do the things you enjoy while you’re at home the right atmosphere and ambience is key.

Correct lighting is critical to creating the right environment,  and it should be a key consideration when you are building or renovating your house, or simply looking a re-decorating your room. Ambient lighting needs to be tailored to your activities or preferences. Paintings, sculptures and centrepieces all respond well to being illuminated by a focused beam while clear sparkle bulbs are ideal for chandeliers. Work and study areas or kitchens need lighting for focus and concentration while areas for socialising need the ability to be soft and comfortable.

Whatever it is you use your personal space for, make sure that your lighting is helping not hindering. Philips new range of LED light bulbs are energy efficient, long-lasting and versatile, perfect for enhancing your home.

See what light can do.

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