Practical Lighting in the Kitchen

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While working in the kitchen it is critical to have good practical lighting to ensure that you, the cook, have the right environment to prepare meals for family and friends.

Shadows and dull lighting can easily contribute to accidents and make presenting and styling food difficult.  Preparing dinner parties or catering for the extended family can be a challenge in itself but if your space is well lit, then at least you can see the tasks at hand and ensure that the food has the best chance of arriving at the table looking gorgeous!.

When designing or renovating there are some key factors to think about with the lighting in your kitchen.  Locating ingredients is the start, and a well lit pantry will make finding exactly the right ingredients quick and easy.   Once you are at a work bench then good illumination is essential for chopping, grating and creating.  The stove top is not to be missed out either, with strong light focussing into your pots and pans assisting you to cook superb tasting food.

When you’re thinking about the lighting design of your kitchen, it’s worth starting with Philip’s new range of LED light bulbs. They have practical solutions to meet your kitchen lighting needs.

See what light can do.
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