Quick and Easy Pad Thai

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A couple of weeks ago we had the parents of Daisy’s year 2 class to dinner.Often the working parent/s doesn’t get to meet the adults attached to the little people who come to play and we thought it would be a good idea to get together.

Getting a parent organised and out to drinks at 7.30 on a week night can take a bit of juggling so dinner was a more practical option. 

We were lucky to get a good response and at last count our numbers tallied to 30.  Numbers like this can be intimidating but it really is all about working out a menu to suit and preparing ahead of time.  I opted for an Asian style meal, Asian dishes are suited to buffet style eating and it also gives people good choices.

Thai chicken curry is the easiest of dishes to make for a crowd and there are great supermarket curry pastes in sachets with comprehensive instructions on the back.  Rice can be steamed hours ahead as long as it is quickly cooled and then reheated as needed.    Peanut sauce is popular, can be made a good day or more advance and the accompanying kebabs quick to cook at the last minute. The only dish we had that required cooking at the time was Pad Thai. 
Pad Thai is popular with everyone and kids love it.  You can vary ingredients to suit and aside from the 15 minutes to soak the noodles, the rest of the dish is literally made in 10 minutes.

The dinner was a great success and maybe after a break I will do the same for Jemima’s class.

Pad Thai


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  1. Helen, Your new look web site doesn,t seem as user friendly as the old one. I,ve been looking for quince jelly but the list at top of page gives no indication if there are jams or jellies included in the recipes.