Tip Top Hi Protein Sandwich Ideas

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As many of you will be aware, George Weston Foods has introduced a new range of white bread, Tip Top Hi Protein.
The bread comes in two varieties, Tip Top High Protein – a “smooth” bread – and Tip Top Hi Protein with Grains – an easy way to introduce kids to light grain breads.
Two slices of Hi Protein bread deliver more than 10g of protein from oats, soy and wheat flour1. It’s also a great source of fibre and has B vitamins. It contains no artificial flavours or colours. It also contains fewer carbohydrates than standard white bread.

While choosing a bread that makes everyone happy is one thing, what to put in your sandwiches is the next dilemma and as any parent knows, tastes can vary from day to day.

With this in mind we have put together some super tasty sandwich combinations that will hopefully provide something for everyone!


Lunch_TunaSushiSammySushi Style Tuna Sandwiches

50g tuna in spring water, drained
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
2 slices Tip Top Hi Protein bread
1 frilly lettuce leaf

Combine tuna and mayonnaise in small bowl and mash with a fork until smooth.
Trim the crusts from the bread and gently roll with a rolling pin to flatten slightly.
Place a layer of lettuce down the centre of each slice of bread and then top with tuna mixture.  Roll the bread tightly to enclose the filling.  Add a little dab of mayonnaise if needed to help seal the bread at the join.
Wrap bread tightly in lunch wrap or plastic clingfilm and refrigerate for up to 30 minutes before slicing each sandwich in half.
Serves 1.

Lunch_ToastedMexBeanCheeseMexican Beef & Bean Toastie
A tasty sandwich of leftovers that can be eaten either hot or cold.
Remember, when you wrap hot food in foil in the morning it generally retains some residual heat right through until lunch time.

2 slices Tip Top Hi Protein bread
1/3 cup beef nachos mince (cooked mince with chilli beans)
50g tasty cheddar cheese
Spread the mince over a slice of Tip Top hi protein…. bread, cover with cheese and then the remaining bread slice.
Toast in a sandwich press until golden and the cheese is starting to bubble.
Allow to cool slightly before slicing and either serve hot or wrap in aluminium foil for lunch time.
Serves 1.

Lunch_CashCottCheeseAvoCottage Cheese, Cashew & Avocado Sandwich

2 slices Tip Top Hi Protein bread
1-2  tablespoons cottage cheese
1 tablespoon chopped roasted cashew nuts
¼ avocado, mashed with a fork

Spread one slice of bread with cottage cheese and the other with avocado.
Sprinkle cashew nuts over the avocado and then cover with remaining bread, cottage cheese side facing down.
Slice and wrap or serve.
Serves 1.


Lunch_FriedEggBaconFried Egg Pile- Up Sandwich

2 teaspoons oil
1-2 slices bacon
1 egg
2 slices Tip Top Hi Protein bread
tomato sauce or chutney
¼ avocado, sliced
few salad leaves

Heat a small frying pan over a medium heat, add the oil and cook bacon until just about crisp or cooked to your liking.  Lift the bacon from the pan and sit on a folded paper towel.
Break the egg into a cup and then add to pan and cook until the white is just set.
Spread one slice of bread with a thin layer of tomato sauce, cover with the egg, then bacon, avocado and salad leaves.  Top with remaining bread slice.
Slice in half and wrap or serve.
Serves 1.

Lunch_ChickKumaraRoast Chicken, Kumara, Red Onion & Rocket Sandwich
The ideal lunch sandwich after a roast chicken dinner!

2 slices Tip Top Hi Protein bread
2-3 teaspoons aioli or mayonnaise
small handful rocket leaves
small handful chopped roast chicken
1-2 chunks roasted kumara, sliced
slices of roasted red onion

Spread bread with aioli or mayonnaise.
Arrange chicken on one slice of bread and cover with kumara, onion and lastly rocket.
Season with salt and pepper if you like before topping with remaining bread slice.
Slice in half and wrap or serve.
Serves 1.

Lunch_MouseTrapMousetrap Toasted Sandwiches
We all have different versions of mousetraps, for me it was cheese and marmite grilled or baked on toast, what about you?
Regardless though of what goes in or on them I think that a mouse would be pretty happy with this, don’t you?

1 egg whisked
¾ cup grated tasty or mild cheddar cheese
4 slices Tip Top Hi Protein bread

Combine the egg and cheese together in a small bowl and mix well.
Spread 2 slices of bread with a scraping of marmite and then cover with cheese mixture.
Top with bread slices and toast in a sandwich press until golden and cheese melted.
Allow to cool a little before slicing into fingers.
Serves 2.

Lunch_PBCarrotPeanut Butter, Carrot & Sultana Sandwiches

2 slices Tip Top Hi Protein bread
1 tablespoon peanut butter (sugar free)
2 tablespoons grated carrot
½ tablespoon sultanas

Spread one slice of bread with peanut butter and cover with a sprinkling of carrot and then sultanas.  Cover with remaining bread slice.
Cut into quarters and serve or wrap for later.
Serves 1.


What are some of your favourite sandwich combinations?
We also have some vouchers for Tip Top Hi Protein bread to give away – would anyone like one?

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