Tolix French Stools

At the time when I ordered 3 of the Tolix French Bar Stools I had a well paying job.
By the time they came in I didn’t and I remember hyperventilating at the cost and wondering just how ridiculous I was.
However, 3 (or maybe it is 4) years later and these stools are still a favourite part of my kitchen.
They are as perfect as they were when I bought them and the style will remain timeless.

So am I happy I bought them?  You bet.

Riedel Happy O Wine Glasses

Stemless wine glasses are very much in fashion and these Happy O glasses from Riedel with their colour tinged base are so pretty and, as the name says, Happy!

At around $28 a glass you do want to look after them but remember that Riedel glassware is impressive, these glasses are made in Bavaria with non lead crystal, they are pretty much as good as it gets!

Rose Print Paper Cups and Plates

Picnic or party these rose print paper cups and plates are truly beautiful and the ideal thing for parties for teenagers +


Pack of 8 cups
Height 9cm; Diameter 7cm

Pack of 8 plates
Diameter: 23 cm

Each pack is sold individually

Valrhona Cocoa

Valrhona really is the Rolls Royce of the chocolate world and the Valrhona cocoa is pretty much as good as cocoa can possibly ever be.
It has an intense bittersweet flavour, is finely ground and is the cocoa of choice when making quality chocolate cakes or desserts.

It is used by top chefs around the world.


Purchase in a 250g bag but you can also buy 1 kg.

Shoo Away

These shoo away fans to keep flies away from food do really work!

The blades are soft so are not going to harm you or children, the dots repel flies – or something like that.
You can read the info on the website, all that I know is that they work which is great.

Milkshake Cups

For Goodness Shake, how cool are these Milkshake cups?
Made with paper and a plastic lid with a whopping 795ml capacity to satisfy the thirstiest of custoers!
Height – 17.5cm
Top Width – 9.5cm