Citta Montage Print Paper Napkins

Is anyone else a complete push over when it comes to stylish paper napkins?
I have a huge plastic box of them in the garage as everytime I shop at somewhere like Sabato, Corso di Fiori or even the Garden Centre, I come home with a new packet of napkins.

These montage designed napkins have the illusion o perhaps being cloth as opposed to paper.  The design comes in sapphire as pictured or bright orange.

Rachel Carley Ceramics

These Rachel Carley side plates are so pretty and are perfect for a slice of cake or dessert. All of Rachel’s┬ápieces are slipcast, earthenware ceramics made here in New Zealand. Her elegant and eclectic forms are glazed with her soft, signature colours – the pieces have been called “antiques of the future”.
I have a small collection that I bring out on worthy occasions, all in shades of pink and blue.

Burano Serving Dish

How gorgeous is this Burana serving dish?
I don’t own it but would very much like to, the beautifully detailed artisan look makes this a timeless style that could be new or a century old.

Gauguin Water Jug

I bought this water jug late last year and think it is quite beautiful in colour and style.
There is a whole collection in this style with a brilliant red option to compliment it.

View the jug and collection at French Country Collection.