These kids sharing plates are super cute and very stylish.

Surely everyone would eat their food if it was served on plates that looked like this!

Kihara is a modern line produced by Arita pottery. Arita is where white porcelain was first introduced to Japan through the old silk road. This style of Japanese pottery ( Aritayaki Porcelain ) is now among the most renowned in the world.

Iceblock maker

Iceblock makers ie molds, may seem an odd thing to wax lyrical about but I assure you it took some searching to find one that makes regular shaped iceblocks using wooden sticks as opposed to chunky plastic handles.
The iceblocks slide out easily and there are no little parts to be lost in the cupboard.

French Butter Dish

Christmas has started early at my place with my good friend Tony Murrell arriving armed with bags from Flotsam and Jetsam.
I will of course drip feed the contents onto these pages as they are all so fabulous.
First up though is this French butter dish, I never realised I needed one until it arrived and I love it! The butter stays room temperature but doesn’t go too squishy and of course there is no concern of insects landing on the butter.
Now that I have mine I am going to buy more as gifts.
Not sure if you can tell but there is a cow image indented into the base of the dish.

Nutcracker Range

While in Sabato over the weekend this delightful nutcracker range caught my eye, I came home with the cocktail napkins but wishing I had bought more.

The range is by Michel Design works and features:

Rectangular plate – 11cm x 6cm – $35.50

Square plates – 6cm x 6cm – $23.50

Paper lunch plates – $11.50

Napkins – various designs and sizes – $11.50, $13.50, $15.50

Long matches – $18.50

Gift Tags



Looking for gorgeous tags to attach to your edible gifts?
Look no further than these from Pop Roc parties.
They come in assorted sizes and styles and are well worth checking out.

Holiday Tableware

Out and about I spied these gorgeous pieces in Country Road.

Made from bamboo and resin and available in duck egg blue, poppy red, pale pink, yellow, charcoal and pale grey, they come in high ball tumblers, bowls, serving plates and dinner ware.
Perfect for outdoor dining and extremely child friendly!