Meri Meri Kraft Gift Boxes

These elegantly designed treat boxes are ever so stylish and perfect for some lovely edible gifts.
They are crafted using a natural kraft card stock and has a scalloped edge lid.
They come wrapped in a cute sleeve coated with silver glitter topped with a red striped bow and gift tag.

The box also comes with a removable tray, so you can package little gifts or 6 cupcakes and cookies!

Assembled size, 24.5cm x 7cm x 16.5cm approx.


Keith Brymer Jones Ceramics

On a quick shopping trip to Sabato I spied these gorgeous Keith Brymer Jones ceramics.
Prettier in real life than they are by photo, the words are etched into the ceramic and the pieces are so very stylish.
A great gift idea don’t you think?

Sugar bowl – $17.90

Small cream jug – $15.50

Medium milk jug – $21.50

Pestle and mortar – $61.50

Egg cups set of 4 – $29.90

Mix and measure jug – $49.90

Salt and pepper – $25.50

Mugs – $21.50

KBJ Jugs_web (2)

Petal Dipping Bowls – Rachel Carley

While these beautiful bowls are designed for dipping they are also great for butter, jam, nuts and pretty much anything that needs a small bowl to nestle into.

The colour range can brighten up any table setting although neutral tones are also available.

All pieces are slipcast earthenware ceramics and if treated with care will become the antiques of the future.

Paint Dipped Wooden Spoons

I had just thrown out some split and well worn wooden spoons when a friend coincidentally gave me a set of these as a gift.
They are marvellous, practical but also aesthetically pleasing.
At $30 for a set they are a great gift for those who like to cook and seem to have everything.


Bedside Water set

To be honest a beside water set had never occured to me but this brilliant red handblown solid Mexican glass and bottle set is perfect for beside the bed or at your desk.

So beautiful and a great gift idea for those hard to buy for people!