Lolly Cake


  • 100g butter, melted
  • 250g (1 packet) malt biscuits, crushed
  • 1/2 tin (200g) sweetened condensed milk
  • 180g (1 packet) fruit puff sweets, roughly chopped
  • dessicated coconut


Mix together butter, biscuits, condensed milk and fruit puffs. Shape into a log and roll in coconut. Refrigerate until firm and then slice into rounds.

Bin Inn stores are scattered around NZ and  generally have bulk bins of fruit puff sweets.

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40 thoughts on “Lolly Cake

  1. I was asked sometime ago for the lolly cake but could not find it anywhere in any of my books. I did used to make it in a cafe I worked in 25 years ago.So thanks I have passed it on to the friend that requested it. Excellant site.

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  4. As i live in Oz, we dont have these lollies here. This is such a yummy recipe, i remember having it as a kid in NZ. any suggestions as to what i can use to replace fruit puffs/eskimos??????

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  6. I live in Melbourne and their are certain shops that sell NZ products like Eskimos!….expensive bt I buy the Eskimos and save them to make Lolly cakes for special occassions!…

  7. My Mum use to make similar called Canadian Roll.Has chopped marshmallows,finely chopped walnuts,red& green glace cherries,sultanas,dates.Moisten with a little brandy or sherry.11/2 tins room temp condensed milk,1 pkt finely crushed malt biscuits.Can be a bit dry but roll and squeeze altogether then roll in coconut and wrap tightly in greaseproof paper put in fridge to harden.Freezes well.Great as Christmas coffee treat.

  8. If you have a really sweet tooth, try replacing the lollies with chopped up pieces of either peppermint chocolate or caramello chocolate.

  9. I recently moved to the UK from NZ and wanted to make this for my partner for his mother in NZ send Eskimos as I could find anything close to them here..he gave the Lollie Cake10/10. Delicious.

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  11. looks great, I am cooking for a cake stall to raise money for cancer research and was wondering how long this lasts and how to store it. also have you ever done 3 batches at the same time thank you!

  12. Hello i made this im Kiwi from dunedin living in malaysia my mum sent eskimos and friend from australia brought condensed milk rest of ingredients were here my son bashed the biscuits i chopped lollies mixed with butter and milk and pressed into tin then fridged it and went for a walk. came back had dinner and tipped it out to find it was a mess. So i added more condensed milk and bashed some more and set it in a log shape with coconut and back in fridge. MMMM that is delish im eating with a glass of nz milk what a treat my children are in for tomorrow. yum thanks alawys trust a kiwi….

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