Patterned Bowls

LeeAnn Yare for General Eclectic

I discovered these stunning ceramic patterned bowls when helping our teenager look for a gift for her boyfriend’s impending birthday.  Way too gorgeous for a student flat but they would look lovely in my kitchen.
These bowls come in two sizes, and would be great for so many things from cereal to soups, pasta and salads, to dips and nibbles.
Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Isadora Blue Oval Platter


Even with a kitchen full of platters and boards there is always room for something more, particularly when they look this good!

These ceramics come in a beautiful colour range of blues and orange.
I am visualising this blue platter with roasted pumpkin.


Mangifera Square Board

I seem to collect boards (much to my husbands despair). It isn’t really intentional but I buy them intending to keep them looking gorgeous for serving cheese, pizza, dips etc.. and then I forget and start chopping on them so end up buying another.

I don’t as yet own this one but love the shape and style. Sometimes round boards are too dominating on a rectangular table whereas this one would look just perfect with a few wedges of cheese, some crackers, walnuts and a chunk of quince paste…

Leaf Design Chunky Tumblers

When I see things I really like then I try and justify the purchase with using them for food photography and that is how these leaf tumblers made it into our home.
They lasted in the props cupboard for a few weeks but are now at home in the kitchen and I will add to my numbers.

A generous sized tumbler with a pretty textured leaf pattern they are a great water glass for adults and kids alike.

Tuckers Caramelised Onion Crackers

While all of the Tuckers range of crackers are good, the caramelised onion flavour in particular are my favourite.
Delicious with blue cheese or actually any type of cheese, they are Australian made and are available at supermarket and specialty food stores around NZ.

Tulle Dinnerware

In a beautiful duck egg blue with a delicate etching, this Tulle dinnerware is elegant and oh so French in style.
I often think I would like a cupboard full of dinnerware so I could set the table in my colour choice of the day.  This I think would be weekend mornings or lunch!