3D Chocolate Christmas Tree

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  • 300 g milk chocolate (melting)broken into pieces, best melted over a hot water basin.
  • 1 1/2 cups rice bubbles
  • 3/4 cup coconut ( preferably shredded)
  • icing sugar to frost if desired


Line oven trays or a movable surface with baking paper, you could draw 6 different sized circles/ per tree, on the paper if easier to get them all evenly sized
Melt chocolate, add bubbles and coconut, mix together.
spoon out flat cross shape of mix onto paper eg: X, inside each circle make 6 X shapes with each one bigger than the last.try not to get the X too thick, 5mm give or take.
save some mix to join them together
chill the Xs until they set then place the biggest on a plate, a blob of mix in the center of the x and stack the next X on top so that it resembles a star ( 8 points not 4) keep staggering them until all Xs are used,from biggest to smallest.
it depends on how big you make the Xs as to how many trees you get you should end up with a cone shaped xmas tree.let cool put a small amount of icing sugar in a sieve, hold above the tree and give a tap with your finger, dusting the tree slightly.
you could put a small biscuit star on top if you want (fiddly if small) these make perfect gifts wrapped in cellophane,or for stunning your guests at pudding time.

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