50 ways Blue Coconut Oil will improve your Summer!

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blue coconut oil



Blue Coconut Cooking Oil is the most versatile cooking and beauty product in the NZ market and is a “must have” in every Kiwi’s big Christmas and Summer shop!


Pure, fresh, and clean tasting, Blue Coconut Cooking Oil is cold-pressed in the Pacific Islands and contains no additives, contaminants and is naturally cholesterol-free. It stays semi-solid at temperatures below 24°C, but unlike other hardened coconut fats and margarines it isn’t hydrogenated! Blue Coconut Cooking Oil is refined in New Zealand with natural absorptive clays and steam distilled to eliminate the strong coconut flavour.


Nothing truly beats Blue Coconut Cooking Oil to pan-fry freshly-caught fish in Summer! It has a high smoke point of 232°C and can be used to sauté, pan-fry, deep fry or roast vegetables, fish and meat to perfection! It can also be used instead of butter or margarine in most recipes and is tasteless and odourless. It will also last up to two years in your pantry – so leave it at the boat or bach and forget about it!


Don’t just save it for the kitchen however, as Blue Coconut Oil is also medical grade and nourishing for skin and hair health! Use it as a makeup remover, an under makeup primer or cheekbone highlighter for that healthy Summer glow, or comb through dry, sun-damaged hair for a deep-conditioning hair treatment.


Because of its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and hypoallergenic qualities, Blue Coconut Oil can be beneficial for managing irritable skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis, which can sometimes worsen over the hotter months. These qualities also make Blue Coconut Oil perfect for beach and water activities! Use for after-sun care to soothe skin or apply to those sore, itchy rashes and small scrapes and cuts associated with water sports.


Because of its versatility and shelf-life, why not keep a tub of Blue Coconut Oil for the kitchen, bathroom, bach and boat this Summer?


Many Pacific Island communities supply coconut oil for Blue Coconut. You can check the batch number of your pack online to see whether your oil has come to you from the island of Rabaul, Vanuatu, Samoa, or Fiji. Buying this product will help improve the lives of these island communities and will also improve yours. To learn 50 ways Blue Coconut Oil will improve your Summer, visit the website: www.bluecoconut.co.nz.


Blue Coconut Cooking Oil 400g RRP $7.99 or 1L RRP $12.99, is available nationwide from participating supermarkets and specialty food stores.


For more information, interviews or images, please contact Isadora Sutherland at Food Marketing.                       Email: [email protected]   or Phone: 09 579 1862.

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2 thoughts on “50 ways Blue Coconut Oil will improve your Summer!

  1. I realy am excited about learning to cook and bake with blue coconut oil but i have no idea about the recipes or how to cook with it,so please could you give me recipes for it. Or is there a special or specific recipe book i can purchase. Thank you.