Danny’s Real Pita Bread

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Danny’s Real Pita Bread Company has been making fresh and healthy pita breads since 1988 using only 100% natural ingredients.

Their breads are made from individual balls of dough and pressed into shape, thus giving the bread strong edges to hold in the food and sauces. For recipe ideas, visit www.pitabread.co.nz

We have one hamper to giveaway.

  • 1 x Danny’s original olive pita bread,
  • 1 x Danny’s original garlic pita bread,
  • 1 x Danny’s La Mediterranee range Italian pita bread,
  • 1 x Danny’s La Mediterranee Moroccan pita bread,
  • 1 x Danny’s La Mediterranee Turkish pita bread
    (Prize valued at about $40)

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45 thoughts on “Danny’s Real Pita Bread

  1. I’d love the chance to experiment making mini bruscetta bites with the olive or Italian pittas or a falaffel pitta with the Turkish variety, stuffed with feta, olives and hummus.

  2. I love Pita bread, it’s so versatile and great for simple snacks or meals for the children as well as adults. The Italian Pita sounds divine.

  3. I tried the Moroccan Pita a cpl of weeks ago and it was absolutely delicious. So tasty and interesting compared to good old plain pita. (Which of course still has it’s place!)

  4. My family loves Danny’s Real Pita Bread and we all have our favorite’s mine is the Garlic pitabreads filled with salad and cold meat yum