Quince Jelly – Virginia

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  • 2 kg quince
  • water
  • sugar





Chop quince into large pieces. Leave on skin and do not core.
Place pieces in a large saucepan and just cover fruit with water.
Bring to the boil and simmer until very soft, this will take about 45 minutes.
Line a sieve with an old clean teatowel and place over a deep bowl.
Pour soft fruit and cooking water into sieve.
Leave to drip juices into bowl for 24 hours. Measure juice by cupful back
nto the saucepan. Add the same number cupfuls of sugar as the
juice. Boil briskly until a jelly consistency.
This is when a teaspoon of jelly on a cold saucer forms a skin.
Pour into clean hot jars and seal when cold.

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5 thoughts on “Quince Jelly – Virginia

  1. Hi there
    Have just boiled the quince until very soft.
    Transferred into sieve in a clean tea towel etc.
    But, after 15 minutes, the liquid flowing through into basin is very clear and doesn’t appear to be much more than the water.
    From this, I wouldn’t think that the liquid after 24 hours would get much thicker.
    Do we need to mash up the quince somehow to get more of the quince effect into the liquid?
    Or what else should be done?
    Any suggestions gratefully received (and appreciated) please.

  2. Another way of doing Quince jelly is add two apples to every one quince. Follow the Quince jelly recipe. I add the apples if i have not enough Quinces. Still taste the same. Quince is awesome with all types of cheese on crackers.

  3. I always make the fruit into quince paste. I boil flesh and skins/cores separately and then after making jelly with liquid I boil cooked quince with cup 4 cup sugar. You have to keep stirring and cooking until it is well cooked. I cut it into cubes and store in the fridge. I have put it into jars too, can be hard 2 get out tho.

  4. Quince Jelly.

    What do I have to do to get the bubbles out of the jam before putting in jars. Made some today and it has little bubbles in it. It not nice and clear because of the bubbles. Should I leave it for awhile before putting in jars. Think it would set if I did that.Any suggestions.