Quince Vodka

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Claire Steves


  • Grate quince with a coarse grater and fill up bottles to two thirds full (very lightly packed). Pour caster sugar into the bottles, shaking down until sugar comes to the same level as the grated quince. Add Vodka until full.. Seal and turn weekly for a few weeks and then forget about it. After 6 months drain the bottles through a filter. The result is an amber nectar with all the perfume of fresh quince


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2 thoughts on “Quince Vodka

  1. Helen, would the quince vodka be the same as the feijoa vodka you mentioned making on the radio show? thanks, kathy l.

    • Hi Kathy, yes I made a jar of each. Grated fruit into a large jar, sprinkled over a little sugar and then completely covered with vodka. I will adjust the sugar later and maybe it needs the addtion of some sugar syrup but will check when I open in October.