A dip In the mouth is worth an inch on the toosh!

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 Irene Field

It would be a very unusual person that didn’t love dips. There is nothing so versatile as a dip. Or in Kiwi speak ‘Dup and Chups’, or Dup and Crackers of course.  New Zealand has embraced international cuisine.  Whereas at one time our dips involved a tin of reduced cream, a packet mix of dehydrated soup, and a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice, we are now happy to experiment with even more varieties. Not that there is anything wrong with the reduced cream dip. It is still a firm favourite in this household, even amongst the younger generation. However, as with all food groups we have a yearning to try something different.

 The opportunities available are endless.  For a quick dip, I always keep a tin of reduced cream in the fridge. Therefore if the unexpected happens, I can rustle up a quick retro dip. However if I have time to be prepared I can then be more experimental.

 Just as there is always a tin of reduced cream in the fridge, likewise I always keep tubs of sour cream. The sour cream provides endless opportunities for dips.  Do you have a jar of piccalilli or wish to use up some chutney? Stir it into the sour cream to taste. 

 Or you can substitute softened cream cheese for the cream. A small tin of fish, whether it be tuna, salmon or even sardines mashed up.  Your favourite chili sauce to add a bite, and you have another dip option.

 Roast garlic, and add to any of the above either on its own.

 Eggplants coming out of your ears? Not literally of course, but if there is a surplus. Grill or roast the eggplant, peel and drain the liquid, then finely chop. Place into a bowl. Make your own home made mayonnaise with beaten egg yolk with oil slowly drizzled in, and stir into the eggplant. Or cheat If you must and use commercial mayonnaise, or once again sour cream.

 Feta cheese – soften it and beat and add finely chopped spinach, cracked black pepper and sour cream. Ensure the spinach is finely chopped, as you don’t want to be caught giving a big huge grin at a party and having a wad of spinach on display. Not a good look believe me!

 Oh and if you have the dips and no chips and crackers in the house, or leftover dips. The above dips make wonderful bases for pizza’s, or as a topping for baked potatoes.

 Yes the opportunities for dips are endless. Truly a versatile little number.  I am sure there are numerous more I have not even touched on. Avocados spring to mind.

What little favourites do you enjoy in your repertoire?

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3 thoughts on “A dip In the mouth is worth an inch on the toosh!

  1. A variation of the title would be “Heaven on the lips, hell on the hips”. I tend to think about my lips and let my hips sort themselves out. I am loving avocado season at the moment and happy to eat and experiment with them until I get sick of them.

    • Thanks Marnie – I couldn’t for the life of me think how to head it. Then I thought mmmm a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips – and voila, my title was born :)